Episode 199: The Four Steps to Removing Emotion From Your Trading

In Episode 199, your host Rob Booker delivers a raw, bare bones solocast where he riffs on all the problems associated with when things are going well. Rob talks about the dark problem with euphoria, and he also identifies what is your most powerful ally in your battle with the market. Rob speaks about the pitfall of mistaking one’s own greatness.

But most importantly, Rob addresses the show-no-emotion brand of trading and learning to calm the hell down. Rob also lists and expounds on the four steps to removing emotion from your trading, and he concludes by reading a poem from 1940. Enjoy!

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5 comments on Episode 199: The Four Steps to Removing Emotion From Your Trading

  1. Pure inspirational gold. Could not have come for a better time for me. Not just my trading. My whole life. I was transfixed. I listened to it twice. Again I will tomorrow. Enough gushing. Keep up the good work and if the trading does not work out – get on the inspirational speakers circuit.

  2. Ian Murton says:

    Wow! Some truly wise and inspirational words for trading and life.
    Thanks Rob

  3. That was your best podcast yet. I loved it so much I listened twice and took notes. I totally agree with all 4 of your points but I was especially surprised to hear you speak about number 3 – stop consuming poison. Straight away you think about stopping junk food, but most people don’t realise that we automatically let so much crap and poison into our lives through what we watch on TV/the internet, and even through advertising and the news.

    Cutting that stuff out is like a health kick for the soul.

  4. Stefan Unterkofler says:

    WOW! The most powerful podcast yet (at least for me). Loved it and made me think …. This one was even better than episode 34. Well done and thanks.

  5. Bill Frank says:

    The best podcast by Rob EVER! Please do more like this one.
    Thank you

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