Episode 194: Becoming More Decisive No Matter What the Consequences

Episode 194 is a pure Rob Booker solocast, where Rob offers you a chance to make a big improvement after listening to this show. He talks about the importance of decisiveness and invites you, the listener, to raise your level of skill in making decisions. Rob says this is the single most powerful thing you can do right now to improve your trading.

Rob also talks about the underlying concepts and recurring themes of The Traders Podcast, which are growing up and becoming a better person. Rob asks you to consider how much risk you’re willing to take, and what process you’re going to use to trade the markets. Rob also discusses some qualities of decisive traders. You won’t want to miss this episode; it’s one for the ages!

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6 comments on Episode 194: Becoming More Decisive No Matter What the Consequences

  1. Pablo says:


  2. Simon McGuire says:

    Touchdown! What a great podcast. Reminds me of a quote that I like to read often by Robert Louis Stevenson. Whilst he is talking about painting – it also applies to trading…

    “The time comes when a man should cease prelusory gymnastic, stand up, put a violence upon his will, and for better or worse, begin the business of creation.”

    1. Shonn says:

      Wow. That quote just blew me away. Absolutely Brilliant

  3. Wayne Tan says:

    Yeah. It’s a great episode! After listening to the episode i realize that a few reasons why i’m not decisive in my trading.

    I realize that i am not specific about what i want to get out of trading.

    I realize that I am too greedy that i want to get the best of all trading strategies. (tho mostly i ended up getting the worst of all trading strategies by trading them all)

    I realize I have not yet surrender to the uncertainty of the market. So, i didn’t decide on a consistent position management plan. (I micro-manage my trades and ended up beating left right up and down because i assume i know where the punches are coming from, but i don’t!)

    It’s so clear that i’m trading randomly without any specific guidelines to my trading that i can’t work upon to improve or replicate the result with consistency.

    So, i have committed myself to write a trading plan with setups that are really specific and consistent with my position management techniques for every trade. This would allow me to be able to work on my trade setup as the statistic reveals itself.

    This episode really got me thinking. Thank you Rob!

  4. Serge says:

    As usual spot on mate. As a result of listening to the podcast I have just made 5 very important decisions that have been taking up space in my head for no reason. Literally took 5 seconds.
    I knew what the right decisions were all along and for fear (of success!) I have been holding back from making them.
    Interesting how people around me responded when I mentioned my decisions. In the end, no matter right or wrong, choices are made with the best we know at the time and then let’s see what we decide after that. Worst case, we make another choice!
    Thanks again mate!

  5. rohit soni says:

    Mr. Booker thanks for this wonderful podcast.
    Man you just woke me up. After 10 years of trading failures I now realize that the only thing needed for success is a strong decision , that’s it nothing much complex is needed. Be it trading or life.

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