Episode 192: Gold, Inter-Market Analysis and Obscure Trading Methods

For Episode 192 of The Traders Podcast, your host Rob Booker catches up with market strategist Neal Gilbert, author of “Braving the Rapids.” Rob asks Neal if he has strong opinions about gold (as well as other markets). Rob and Neal also talk about deep inter-market analysis and whether it’s necessary for understanding one’s market of choice.

Rob asks Neal how many screens he has open at any given time and asks what he watches for and why. They talk about patterns and Neal defines “the three-drive pattern.” This leads Rob and Neal into discussing somewhat obscure methods for predicting where the market is going, such as Murrey Math and moon-phase trading!

And finally Rob asks Neal what to do if a trader pulls up one time-frame chart and then starts scanning other time-frame charts only to second-guess the initial plan. Be sure to tune in. We think you’re going to enjoy this episode with our friend, Neal Gilbert. Thanks for listening!

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