Episode 191: The Desire to Know the End From the Beginning

In Episode 191, your host Rob Booker and the producer Jason Pyles begin by discussing the excellent new movie “Gravity.” Rob and Jason also read an e-mail from David, who wrote to give us a suggestion of a place from which we can broadcast our live meet-up of The Traders Podcast, Episode 200! Next Rob talks about the human tendency of wanting to know the end from the beginning, which moves into a conversation about how things often turn out well (albeit surprisingly) when we don’t have our course completely charted ahead of us.

Rob also talks about how traders want their trading system to be their “fixed point,” but in reality, traders themselves are their own fixed points. And finally, we wrap up by inviting the female listeners of the podcast to make their voices heard. Call and leave us a voice mail: (801) 382-8789. Thanks for listening.

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One comment on “Episode 191: The Desire to Know the End From the Beginning

  1. Sanchia says:

    Well Rob, I am a white female trader living in the US but originally from South Africa so technically I’m African American ha ha ha. I just love listening to you (while working still as I build my fortune) and it puts a smile on my face everytime you reveal your dry sense of humor which is so South African by the way – maybe in a past life you were a brother!

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