Episode 190: Being Fearless and Turning $1,000 Into $400,000

In another great episode of The Traders Podcast, your host Rob Booker flies down to Mexico to interview a daredevil / trader / pilot about being fearless and about turning $1,000 into $400,000! This episode isn’t as much how he pulled off such a feat, but more about the elements of his approach to the markets. Rob also talks to this trader about taking calculated risks.

FYI: Episode 190 only features a portion of the entire 30-minute interview, which will be found in its entirety at Rob’s new site Trader Interviews.com very soon.

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3 comments on Episode 190: Being Fearless and Turning $1,000 Into $400,000

  1. knoxville Me says:

    Did the thought ever cross your mind…”ok now how do i slow down safely?” Haha

  2. Steve Ianella says:

    Love the podcast and a longtime listener but gotta say t signal to noise ratio was pretty low on that one. Not really interested in someones speeding felony history. I hope we dont start losing all the decent content behind the traderinterviews.com paywall.

  3. ED Salas says:

    The trader that turned $1k to $400k…he was just lucky. If its a skill, he can do the same trading results over and over again. What a ‘bonehead’!

    When you mentioned that that trader does not remember how he made that trade, that killed the interview. He did not share a darn thing about becoming a better trader, he just pretty much touted himself.

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