Episode 188: Knoxville Ryan — The Indiana Jones of Currency Trading

Remember Episode 145 — The Guy Who Lived Out of a Van and Traded? That fascinating guest was Ryan from Knoxville, Tennessee. Well, in Episode 188, your host Rob Booker catches up with Ryan to find out about his latest adventures in trading.

So, in this episode, Ryan talks about his experiences with automating a trading system and the way people react when news is released about the market. Ryan also talks about using a computer to simplify the process of putting trades on, but not necessarily for taking the trades… Rob discusses Ryan’s primary objective of reducing risk. And Rob and Ryan talk about Nadex and binary options. Leave us a comment below! Thanks for listening.

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11 comments on Episode 188: Knoxville Ryan — The Indiana Jones of Currency Trading

  1. fxoutlier says:

    145 was always one of my favourite episodes and now this one aswell. I follow joaquinfx.blogspot.co.uk and have to admit Ryan had lost me completely with his binary option ideas. To be truthful I thought he’d fallen for a scam. He has written a few interesting articles with charts very recently though and he explains where these hedging ideas came from and together with this episode make it all a lot clearer.
    Along with 145 another fav is 141. In fact my fav of all time. I was wondering when you were going to get back to Duane to see how he’s doing. It would be nice to see lots more successful weeks after the 17 or 18, but also interesting if he’s had any blips and how he managed them. Did he manage to get into writing that book. Surely that was an awesome spread of food he layed on aswell.
    Lastly I’m looking forwards to watching/ listening to this tortoise challenge aswell. How are you going to record it all? We need a lot more and longer videos etc that we got on the tour, in which we were always left wanting more. I’ve watched Duane the meticulous trader with the follow up discussion by Rob and Brad several times, along with 141, and the top knoxville divergence webinar with Duane as special guest many times. Maybe you should get a proper film crew in and sell it to the networks. I’m sure the uk channel 4 or 5 would snap it up!

  2. knoxville Me says:

    I liked duane as well. Fxoutlier, yes nadex totally changed my view about binaries. You gotta just jump in there and pull every ounce of info you can to make a clear decision. Ive often wondered who the person is that clicks on my page from the same city in the uk, all the time. Lol. Hank you! now watch me crack my whip. Wha-chaa!

  3. Mike says:

    Very interesting interview with Ryan, I did’nt understand all that was talked about, so I will research. Thanks

  4. Jeff says:

    I’m so glad you did a follow up with Ryan. The last interview had such bad audio that I couldn’t hear many details that he was giving and could only hear one side of the conversation. That was disappointing as I really liked what I did hear.

    I like the mentality that there is a better way and it needs to be found out. Good man. I respect you.

    1. knoxville Me says:

      Yea the audio in 145 may have been off but if you listen closely, you can hear rob chomping on some collard greens lol

  5. Michael says:

    This episode was excellent. I believe Ryan is very compelled to do research and has a driving initiative to reach his goals. I hope I will hear more interviews with him because he’s very informative and sounds very professional.

  6. Daniel González says:

    I think is a very interesting podcast. Specially when you talked about risk and the importance of reduce it. I hope hear more about the results with options I think it can take forex trading to the next level. I know that Ryan has made some research about it so this is going to be something big very soon.

  7. Nice episode guys, got me thinking about using options to hedge my FX trades, been testing this over the past two weeks, so far its a great addition to my risk management.

  8. knoxville Me says:

    Yea im currently in a trade that is doing zilch but th fact that if the trade takes a dump and i only lose a small portion instead of losing my rear, excites me to no end!

  9. Ron says:

    Great podcast. I have been following Ryan on his blog and he posts some great things for spot forex. He is now sharing his insight to Bull spreads and binaries on FB and on his blog. It takes me a little time to digest some things, but so it goes for those of us that have jobs. I find it encouraging that he also works and trades, moving toward trading full time (a goal of mine on the distant horizon).

    Thanks for this podcast!
    Ron C.

  10. hello forex says:

    thanks Ryan for this great podcast. I have a day job and I’m getting there to quit and trade full time, thanks for the great learning from your podcasts!

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