Episode 187: Fleshing Out More Details About the Traders Reality Show Contest

by robbooker on September 23, 2013


If you heard our previous episode, then you’ll know that our friend Pablo proposed a Traders Reality Show Contest, and your host Rob Booker agreed to go forward with such an event. Well, Episode 187 is primarily about the feedback that we got from listeners who have expressed their interest in participating, as well as Rob describing more details and rules for the contest. We talk about e-mails from Domas, Spencer, Serge, Neil, Lynn, Scott, Wayne and more from Pablo, the man who proposed the idea. And Rob wraps up the show with a very fascinating (non contest-related) e-mail from Master Nikhil Nair… Don’t miss it!

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DJ September 23, 2013 at 12:31 pm

There is a Money show going on in Toronto (Canada) Oct 24-26 . Many people come here from outside, so it would be nice if you come here too, meet lots of people and do a podcast as well. Bring Jason along, he can meet his new friends from The Donut show.


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