Episode 181: Position Trading

In Episode 181 of The Traders Podcast, your host Rob Booker chats with one of Jason’s favorite podcasting friends, Mr. Willis Wheeler. Willis is a big-time podcaster who’s a co-host on many different shows. He hails from the D.C. area and loves professional wrestling, movies, comic books, superheroes and he probably has one of the most unique voices in podcasting! (Yes, that’s his real voice.)

Naturally, Rob turns Willis’s interests into an episode about trading. Rob talks to Willis about collecting and the concept of getting something before anybody knows it’s special and holding onto it long enough for it to become valuable. This, of course, has metaphorical parallels with position trading.

Enjoy the show, and if you love Willis’s voice as much as everybody else does, check him out on his other podcasts below! Thanks for listening.

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Willis Wheeler links and his other podcasts:
On Twitter: @NastyWillDC
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2 comments on Episode 181: Position Trading

  1. Paul Salveson says:

    Are we sure Willis is just not Jason in voice disguise??

  2. Pablo says:

    I agree with Rob 1000 percent about the dark side of the heroes, that’s what I’ve always wanted to watch! I’m sick and tired of the heroes with the pristine image, with the Charles Ingalls style (Little House on the Prairie). I would like to see more darkness from the heroes in the near future, because it’s human nature, it’s real!

    Great podcast, thanks for your time! Pablo

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