Episode 180: Brokers, Bankruptcy and Matt LaCoco

Episode 180 is another listener mail bag show, where your host Rob Booker begins by asking the producer, Jason Pyles, about his five other podcasts (links and descriptions can be found below). Then we dive into the mail bag:

Pablo writes to ask about brokers and bankruptcy. Nate thinks Matt LaCoco, Shonn Campbell and a number of other Rob Booker cohorts should have their own podcasts! James wrote in to request more Matt LaCoco, which leads into a discussion of sports drink flavors, which leads into a discussion about Fly Boarding. Peter writes to ask how to listen to The Traders Podcast on his iPhone. James sent in a comment about Jesse Livermore. Daljit had a question for Rob about his own personal trading. And Alan asks about “Booker reversal tabs.” All of this — and so much more trading-related commentary — in Episode 180 of The Traders Podcast.

Links for this episode:

Trading View.com

Matt LaCoco’s blog

Follow Matt on Twitter: @MattLaCoco

John Verbrugge’s Trader Tech Talk Podcast

Jason says watch: Fly Boarding

Jason’s Other Podcasting Ventures:

Movie Stream Cast — a 15-minute, weekly podcast where Jason and a friend review one movie that’s currently streaming on Netflix Watch Instantly

The Donut Show — a weekly podcast where Jason and two very different co-hosts talk about pop culture and, of course, donuts…

Movie Podcast Weekly — a 2-hour, weekly podcast where Jason and his friends review the new movies playing in theaters

All About Autism Podcast — a weekly show about all things autism, hosted by Dave and Heather Eaton

Horror Movie Podcast — an occasional show where Jason and various friends talk about horror movies


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3 comments on Episode 180: Brokers, Bankruptcy and Matt LaCoco

  1. Jason, her are two movie suggestions for you for your movie show

    Into the wild.
    The way.

    They both left me feeling ‘wow’

    Btw…you dont need to post this comment as it has nothing to do with the traders podcast lol

  2. Matt LaCoco says:

    BAM! Those movies were both AMAZING! But I have to disagree a little, they both also made me a better trader. Lots of life lessons in these movies, and nearly any life lesson translates directly to our charts with the right perspective.

  3. Sounds like a plan guys!

    I’d love to hear more from those guys as well Nate!

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