Episode 172: The 18-Mile Bike Trek and Trading

In Rob’s absence today, the Producer Jason Pyles is pleased to bring back guest host Bradley Fried, the CEO of Rob Booker Japan. At Rob’s request, Brad takes some time to discuss his 18-mile bicycle ride, and as is a steady tradition on this podcast, we draw parallel, metaphorical principles to trading. Everything relates back to trading.

Brad says that riding a bike and trading require similar skills. We’ll save the bicycle parallels for the show, but some of the trading-related concepts that Brad addresses are the following:

— the futility of thinking we can force the market to do our bidding
— working through challenging circumstances that are not ideal
— feeling impatient about making lots of money quickly
— the key skills of knowing when to keep going and knowing when to stop
— the psychology of moving past a loss
— removing pressure from our trading by letting go of expectations
— and more!

Brad also answers a listener’s e-mail question about choosing a broker. And finally, we wrap up this episode with Brad’s parting words of wisdom for your trading this summer. Tune in!

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3 comments on Episode 172: The 18-Mile Bike Trek and Trading

  1. I have used fxcm as well for years. Never been screwed. We did have a couple of disputes and they fixed it. Their marketscope charts are so user friendly even a trader can do it. Their back tester sucks holes thought. As far as slippage…its a non issue except for nfp. Their spread is higher…eurusd is 2.5 or so but its fine because they dont take the othed side of my trade….just my thoughts

  2. fxoutlier says:

    When is Brad going to finish all 18 Rules. I really enjoyed the chats about them.

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