Episode 169: Our Rocket Ship Stock Market, the Unemployment Rate and a Traders Podcast Box Set?

We think Episode 169 is a good time, and we think you’ll agree… First of all, our friend Keiron wrote and asked about purchasing every one of The Traders Podcast episodes in one fell swoop, so we entertain ourselves as we entertain that thought.

Rob also spends some time talking about our rocket ship stock market and the employment market. Are we in some kind of a fake recovery because the economy is not creating jobs fast enough to replace the jobs that were lost during the financial crisis? Rob discusses how the unemployment rate factors in — and how it doesn’t factor in the people who have given up and dropped out of the job market altogether. Rob notes that there are under-employed people who are making less than they used to, and how that’s throwing off the numbers, as well.

Other questions posed in this episode: Can the current unemployment rate tank the whole economy? Are we looking at a potential double-dip recession? Has the world economy changed forever? These questions inspire Rob to talk about how we trade our perceptions and how we trade our stories (and not what’s in front of us). Rob says we should play the market where it is, and not where we think it should be…

We also dip into the mailbag and read comments from Matt about NLP and an e-mail from Brian regarding Apple, which leads Rob to pose the question: Has Apple become Microsoft? Rob also asks what will be the next latest and greatest thing? (Rob invites you to write and tell us what you think the next big thing will be.)

Oh, and we talk about Pets.com. Good stuff. Join us!

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2 comments on Episode 169: Our Rocket Ship Stock Market, the Unemployment Rate and a Traders Podcast Box Set?

  1. Robert says:

    I am soon to be 21 years of age, and been in the markets(trading) since I was 18 years. I thought, I was going to be rich, in a matter of months. Needless to say, I failed.

    Now I am in for the long run, moving to investing –I still trade. I look at companies that are sound, and are not going away in my life time. Of course nothing is for sure, but it is a good starting point. Even companies I hate, I invest in. A great example is the fast food industries, people “love” going to the cheap, fast, and the unhealthy, even though I don’t understands why…

    In my Early days of investing(1 year ago, but everything is relative) I bought Netflix (35 shares for 60 dollars) and in my foolishness I sold them at 120 dollars, think myself to be very clever. Now at 262 dollars, I cry myself to sleep, every night — of course not literally. But maybe in the end I learned something, and then again maybe I did the right thing — I am really sure I did not.

    I have listen to yours podcast for a awhile, and I have to say is: BRAVO, sirs.
    It’s damn good, and free at that.

  2. Bernie says:

    Hi Rob, talking about lack of jobs and later making a condescending remark about working at Taco Bell is a bit much. You should really talk about how the good paying jobs are still being outsourced and companies are complaining to gov’t that can’t find skilled workers so they want to bring in immigrants to fill the positions. It is all an elaborate ruse. I was forced out of my job because the company could hire five workers from India for the same they were paying me. The company doesn’t want to hire workers from this country because they are too high cost. Over the last 3 years about half of the local staff has been replaced. And where do these cost savings go, directly into the executive wages and bonuses.

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