Episode 166: Climbing Through Discouragement to Achieve Greatness

We have a very special episode of The Traders Podcast for you today that, oddly enough, isn’t directly about trading at all. … Or is it? This recording was made in May of 2012 for The Goals Podcast (but was never released). It features your host Rob Booker and the producer, Jason Pyles — along with peak-performance coach and trader, Scott Welsh. Our special guest in this episode is a man named Kevin Buetts, who is a professional arm wrestler of 10 years. In 2005, Kevin took 5th place in the World Arm Wrestling Championship in Tokyo, Japan.

During this episode, you’ll hear Rob, Scott and Jason talk to Kevin about climbing through discouragement to achieve greatness. We cover topics such as, how we know if we’re destined for greatness; what motivates us to embark on a goal; the idea that we may already come pre-packaged with raw talent (or is there no such thing as raw talent?). We talk about the humbling journey toward greatness and the fire of determination that seems to burn below the surface of those who become great at something. We talk about pressing forward when the dark time comes and the various roles of fear in achieving greatness. So, if there’s something you want to achieve greatness in — such as trading — then Episode 166 is a must-listen!

Links for this episode:

Documentary: TYSON (2009)

We also recommending listening to this related episode featuring Scott Welsh: Ep. 34: Peak Performance Athletics and Trading for a Living From Home

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2 comments on Episode 166: Climbing Through Discouragement to Achieve Greatness

  1. Bill Frank says:

    There is something wrong with your recording ” The secrets of traders who turn pro”. It only plays for about 5 min and then ends. Can you please email the full recording.

  2. producer says:

    Hi Bill,
    Here is the link to the full video:


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