Episode 163: Trader Tech Talk Podcast With John Verbrugge

Trader Tech TalkDuring Episode 163, your host Rob Booker interviews a fellow podcaster and friend of the show, John Verbrugge, who is the host of Trader Tech Talk, a new podcast that addresses the tech of trading, including trading strategies, algorithmic trading systems, programming concepts, quantitative analysis and even some quantitative finance.

Rob asks John what inspired him to create Trader Tech Talk, and he talks to John about his background in programming. Rob and John also discuss which programming language might be an optimal starting point for someone planning to begin automated programming. Rob and John talk about the concept of “simplicity,” and Rob has John verify the veracity of a rumor that John is presently working on a book. We’re excited for you to listen to this episode, because Rob and Jason want to recommend the Trader Tech Talk podcast to all you trading podcast-lovers out there!

Links for this episode:

On iTunes: Trader Tech Talk with John Verbrugge

John’s Web site: Trader Tech Talk.com

John’s e-mail: John ( AT ) TraderTechTalk.com

The MouseTrap automated trading system: MetroTrader.net

Twitter: @RobBooker


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2 comments on Episode 163: Trader Tech Talk Podcast With John Verbrugge

  1. ryan says:

    I love the idea about syndicating various podcasts! also, if you were to put together an mt4 programming course for non-programmers, i would pay good money for that.

  2. Kevin says:

    Very cool! I’m a programmer by trade learning to trade FX….looking forward to the Tech Talk Podcast. Thanks guys!

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