Episode 158: Mirage Trading

Are you a Mirage Trader? Do your biases blind you to seeing the reality of what’s actually on your charts? We hope not. Today in Episode 158, your host Rob Booker speaks with veteran trader Jared Johnson, the CEO, founder and president of Day Traders FX.com, about the emptiness of mirage trading, the scary phenomenon of seeing something that isn’t there…

Rob was recently speaking with a trader who was struggling and complained that no one appreciated how difficult trading was for this person. Jared describes his friend who would secretly trade from her day job by having a little laptop hidden under her desk. Then Rob shares a story about how he unwittingly and unexpectedly footed the bill for some special services that two of his employees received in New York City…

Rob asks Jared about his daily routine when he wakes up at 4 a.m., and they discuss Jared’s average amount of sleep on any given night. Rob describes his own odd morning routine that occurs before he starts trading each day. And Rob and Jared bring you an update on their combined trading account for charity, and they comment on how nice it’s been not to worry or stress about each other. Tune in!

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3 comments on Episode 158: Mirage Trading

  1. ryan says:

    Sometimes you dont have to steal time. My employer knows i trade while at work. He encourages it. I was just upfront with him and said, ‘as long as i get everything done, do you care if i trade while working?’ His response was, ‘i dont give a bleep what you do as long as you get your work done.’

  2. Bret Furgason says:

    Life is a journey. Everyday is a new day. Like pages in a book, years turn in to chapters and in the end the story is over. Hopefully and this is “to each there own”. In our finally days, we are very satisfied with the book. We are leaving behind. In my favorite books, there are good ,bad, happiness, sorrow,, achievement and disgust. Glory and hate etc.
    We have the greatest machine every designed “the brain”. So thru life’s journey. We have the ability to learn, grow, better our selves, Help others grow as we grow. Feel happiness and pain etc.
    As I was listening to the last 5 podcasts ,are you not on a journey to grow and help others grow. All the while growing yourself. You have been blessed “in my humble opinion”. Your are very intelligent. As you said; you are a over thinker or is it; a want for knowledge and the controversy of mixing with other’s knowledge.. but you have the wonderful gift of magnetism . A most excellent gift!?!?
    We will never.. all agree, disagree. Which is ok??? But hopefully we express that in a positive way. If we all a greed .. Boring .. Family and Life before trading. When I find trading being all there is. I will quit, hoping its not to late..
    As for trading ..Some things I have learned. “price is truth” it doesn’t matter what I think. But I can have a thesis to set up trades. Right or wrong, I am responsible for my trades. Another is charting, busy charts ,plain charts, pretty charts, ugly ones, Fibs and Elliot.. blah ,blah.. In the end.. most end up with the same support, resistance etc. Big money moves it. So is timing not the most important and Confidence from your chart…
    Rich or not so rich.. Are we not all students. Hoping to become knowledgeable enough to pass a few trinkets a long.
    Getting to long.. Happy day
    Bret Furgason
    PS… it is human nature to whine. But something I have noticed. Folks that deserve to whine the most.
    Whine not at all……

  3. Brian F. says:

    Thanks for the kind words Rob, I could talk to you 4 hours a day about trading too, but fortunately after ten years of receiving a glazed eyed stare from the Mrs, I’ve ruined her life and got her into trading too.

    Now, we all know women like to issue orders, but mine actually came into the room last weekend and said, “What are you doing, I thought you were going to work on your trading?” Too funny.

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