Episode 155: Trading for the Love of the Game

In Episode 155, your host Rob Booker catches up with his trading partner, Jennifer Thornburg, to discuss trading for the love of the game. They talk about whether it’s more difficult to trade a larger amount of money or a smaller amount — and if there’s really something to tripping over those extra zeros. Rob and Jennifer discuss whether it’s possible to love trading too much and the difference between trading too often and simply being too fond of it.

In this episode, Rob also talks about how a detached attitude toward trading can often lead to larger profits. And since nothing is taboo for discussion here on The Traders Podcast, Rob and Jennifer talk about how alcohol consumption can affect your trading, and they also discuss how our lifestyle choices, in general, are often influenced by our trading needs. All of this and more during Episode 155 of The Traders Podcast!

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5 comments on Episode 155: Trading for the Love of the Game

  1. Troj says:

    You probably meant June to be the month in which you’ll be doing “The Upcoming Course” about NLP For Traders.

    1. robbooker says:


      Thank you for listening!

      The course starts in July – if you’re interested in more information, you can get it here:


      Happy trading! Glad to see your comment!


  2. ryan herron says:

    Yes. I would like to hear more from brad on the podcast as well.

    1. robbooker says:

      I’ll do that. We’ll make it happen!


  3. Philipe Rubio says:

    Just like Jennifer I have a hard time during weekends and holidays being away from trading, I just love it too much. Earlier in my trading career that was a bit of a problem, it led me to overtrading. But as soon as I was able to overcome the urge to overtrade I became a consistently profitable trader. It did however take me a bit over a year even from the point that I knew that overtrading was my big problem, until I had discipline to fix my problem, there where a lot of relapses during that year, mostly in the first half. I’ve never been a very disciplined person.

    And by the way, trading when “drunk” is actually beneficial some times, well not if too drunk. If you often have the problem that you hesitate to much to take the trades that you know you should take, trades that you have been waiting for, then a few beers will remove that angst and relax you to the point that you are able to do the trades that you had planed… But I am NOT advicing fellow traders to start drinking or trade drunk, as this is like balancing on a razor blade.

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