Episode 148: Trade-for-a-Living Tour Recap – Part 2

As a follow-up to Episode 147, this show is the Part 2 (of 2) where your host Rob Booker and Bradley Fried finish reminiscing and recapping their Trade-for-a-Living Tour. Prefacing his recording with Brad, Rob begins this podcast by talking to Jason and giving some insights about his friend and traveling companion, Brad. Next we cut to the recording that Rob and Brad made from a hotel room in New York City. They continue to discuss what they learned about trading (and about themselves) during the trip.

Rob talks about coping with uncertainty and, at times, fatigue. Rob and Brad recall some good instruction from Brian in Mississippi and the importance of taking a rest and giving one’s self a break — in life — and in trading. They discuss the prominent theme that trading is about giving up freedom. They recall how Markus counseled to do what you’re good at and disregarding the rest. They talk about their meeting with Kevin in Arlington, Texas, as well as Duane’s three “approved trading strategies.”

Rob and Brad reminisce about Andhi and how he told them he once had taken 300 equity trades in one day. This leads to a short chat about overtrading and diminishing returns. Brad talks about his love for New Orleans and its rich history, and Rob professes his love for Tennessee. These are only half of the experiences recounted in Episode 148 of The Traders Podcast. Listen to hear much more!


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4 comments on Episode 148: Trade-for-a-Living Tour Recap – Part 2

  1. Ian says:

    Hey Rob, I just want to thank you for all the work you put into this podcast. It has transformed my trading incredibly. The one video you made about how to come back from blowing out your account is saved in my favorites. When you say dont worry you will get the money back thats the good news, I have it written on my dry erase board.

    I convinced some of my family to lend me money when I was about 4 months into trading and thought I had all the tools and skills, needless to say I took 10k down to 1200 in about a month. My nerves were shot and I luckily stumbled upon that video of yours, since then I have never risked more that 1.5% on a trade and I slowly brought the account back up to 8k which is where it sits at the moment. My family never doubted which is always a plus and believe it or not that loss taught me more than any book I could of read. The key is slowly growing your account, no matter how bad you want to be up to 6 figures so you can quit your job, Thinking like that just leads to blow outs… And I had to learn the hard way.

    I started trading when I was 22, I am now 24. I have a job that I dislike very much and I am working on becoming full time. The last years I have really been taking it seriously and all is going well at the moment, thanks again for the podcasts!

    PS.. I am thinking about joining the tfl 365 trading room, it seems like you have a bunch of good traders and I feel I can give a little input, even if it isn’t all that much.

  2. Cameron says:

    Hi Rob,

    Thankyou to you and Jason regarding the Podcast and the Material. The last 5-6 podcasts have really added a new level of insight to the “Way” people trade out there in the real world, people just like me and people no doubt the same as a lot of the other people who listen to the Podcast. This wasn’t just Strategy talk like all the other whitenoise out there and it has personally delivered me some golden quotes, rules and different points of view, that has been great to hear. Bravo for hitting the road.

    I am in Sydney, Australia I will cook some Kangaroo steaks for you when you get here!


  3. Autist says:

    why is this audio file store in All About Autism Podcast..??? http://traffic.libsyn.com/allaboutautismpodcast/RB148.mp3

    1. producer says:

      Jason here, the producer of The Traders Podcast. Thanks for your comment.

      I produce a number of different podcasts, such as The Traders Podcast and the All About Autism Podcast.

      Each show has a certain amount of media file storage space. Sometimes I need to juggle and shuffle around which show gets uploaded where (for the time being), and I always intend to eventually put the shows where they belong.

      This is a temporary measure, of course. And to date, I thought I had done this successfully every time. But I guess I overlooked Ep. 148, so thanks for bringing that to my attention! I’ll set that straight right now.

      But yeah, nothing nefarious going on here. I just need to juggle a little bit to make sure each show has space to be uploaded on time for its release.

      Thanks again.
      The Traders Podcast

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