Episode 138: Stepping Into the Darkness With Raghee Horner

Young Rob BookerIn Episode 138, your host Rob Booker speaks with his good friend, Raghee Horner, author of ForeX Trading for Maximum Profit and the chief market strategist at Interbank FX. Raghee talks to Rob about his Trade-for-a-Living Tour, which leads to a conversation about doing things that scare us and stepping into the darkness as a necessity for moving forward.

Raghee also talks about how “you can’t change anybody’s molecules.” And Rob asks Raghee if Apple is still a great company. Rob poses questions to podcast listeners, as well, such as: What does Apple represent to you these days? Is Apple still relevant to you? Rob also talks about why he thinks the future of Apple is still bright.

Finally, Raghee and Rob muse about the state of technology and speculate on future technologies, such as data storage and much, much more. Join us!


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3 comments on Episode 138: Stepping Into the Darkness With Raghee Horner

  1. Joseph Smith says:

    Walking the Talk, Love that about you…. Broke out Regee’s book, and got the message I needed, Scalped all night long in three pairs, and loved every minute of it… In the money…
    Be safe, Enjoy… Cordially, Jody, AKA Joseph 2% in one night… Dawng, that’s 100 % in 50 days… Why not ? Hey, Brad, Sick of the windshield yet ?

  2. Brian F. says:

    Apple has been a powerhouse, almost a religious icon of its time. But times are changing. I can’t help but think that icons get tarnished when times change, and then they become the subjects of scorn by the crowd that put them on that pedestal. This is the subject of Gustuve LeBonn’s 1896 classic, The Crowd, one of the best books in the category of trading books that never mention trading.

    My guess is Apple is not going away anytime soon, but it’s also not making a comeback like an aged rock star desperately touring through Europe. They just don’t thrill me anymore, and don’t have the best of everything anymore. Plus, iTunes has got to be the most terrible software programs I have ever encountered, and its getting worse, not better. I guess what I’m saying is Apple is a great stock to trade but is no longer a buy and hold type company.

  3. Radoslav H says:

    hi Rob, Jason & Raghee; just listened to this episode today and loved it!!! Jason, Rob would you please add link to the place where Raghee got package of books with David Eagleman’s Sum??? (I have problem to find quarter.ly just quarterly.co)

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