Episode 136: Collecting Experiences, Not Possessions

As Rob’s big road tour quickly approaches in a few days, Jason asks him some questions that most listeners have probably been wondering about — including more details on Rob’s rules for living off his $10 K trading account. And Rob reveals whether he thinks he’ll actually be able to make enough money during his travels.

And for the latter half of Episode 136, Rob answers an e-mail from a 17-year-old trader named Daniels Vitols, who asks how he can know if he’s on the right track in his trading. Rob gives Daniels some evergreen advice that will not only be beneficial for the beginning trader but for more seasoned traders, as well. We think you’ll enjoy this episode. Thanks for listening.

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5 comments on Episode 136: Collecting Experiences, Not Possessions

  1. Jean Pierre Duchen says:

    Hey I’m geometry teacher here in The verrado area in Phoenix. If you would like to talk to some students thatwill be a unique opportunity. Let me know if interested?

    1. robbooker says:

      Absolutely!! Let me know how I can contact you! And you can text me at 304-281-8332!


  2. Mike near London, GB says:

    Hey Rob and Jason
    fantastic show, really interesting advice
    really looking forward to following Rob’s road trip – hey Rob if you ever go “on the road” in Europe you can stay over with us and trade London at 9am! (Also Rob I cook pancakes for my daughters every day for breakfast and I am sure we could find some room at the breakfast table!)

  3. Hi Guys

    You’re hitting the Nail on the head here Rob!

    All that “stuff” we collect is actually something that builds a wall around us preventing our growth, we all love the idea of a fancy things, a nice office, top of the range computer, a walls of multiple monitors, new model iPhone etc. Will any of these things make you become a successful trader? short answer. No!

    I think this sort of “consumption” based brainwashing actually prevents people from making a real go of trading for a living, think about the upkeep / outgoings, of maintaining / buying all this stuff!

    The less money you spend, the less you need to make! This lowers the pressure to succeed, the lower the pressure the lower the chance you are to make mistakes or rash decisions.

    People need to remember to keep things simple, the reality is many successful traders I know trade from an ipad/laptop in a coffee shop on their vagabond travels around the world.
    More is not always better, sometimes LESS is MORE!

    By living a more simple sustainable life you can stack the deck on become a better trader.

    I look forward to hearing from you on the road.

    Safe Journey

  4. Oro says:

    Rob, What is the name of the tune of your traderspodcast, its a jamming blues tune that I am in love with. Thanks

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