Episode 134: Is It Possible to Remove Doubt From Your Trading Decisions?

Your host, Rob Booker, follows up his big announcement from Episode 133, where he talks about his Trade-for-a-Living Road Tour. In this show Rob discusses the overwhelming response we’ve had thus far from listeners who have invited Rob to crash at their homes for a night. So, Rob reveals a little more about his itinerary and plans for that trip.

And the thoughts and preparation for actually trading for a living during this road tour have put Rob back in the position of trying to survive by getting by with less. The main theme of this episode is Rob’s discussion about whether it’s even possible to remove all doubt and apprehension from your trading decisions. Is it possible to remove doubt from your trading? Rob gives you his take; let us know what you think.

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Soon you will also be able to find more details about Rob’s Trade-for-a-Living Road Tour here: Rob Booker.com


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8 comments on Episode 134: Is It Possible to Remove Doubt From Your Trading Decisions?

  1. Dude driving you round the country would be sweet!

    1. robbooker says:

      I’m so excited about the NeXT Trip I can hardly think about this one!


  2. Carlos Rivas says:

    See you in Dallas.
    I’ll drive from here on out.


  3. Charles Hashem says:

    Are you still married and if so, what dose your wife think of this upcoming true Adventure Of A Currency Trader?

    1. robbooker says:

      Not married and all of my loved ones are supportive and the best people I could ever hope to have in my life.


  4. Erik says:

    Hi Rob, when you come to Australia as a next adventure, you are better off taking some budget flights from state to state (cheaper than rental car and gas, and some distances are VAST) and let me and others drive you around in their home towns.
    Cheers, Erik / Melbourne

    1. robbooker says:

      What a great plan! Thank you, Erik – that’s exactly what I am going to do!


  5. Joseph Smith says:

    Thank you for your time… Your so fun. Many thanks…. Awesome… Am so excited, It was an honor to set down, and chat heart to heart… Cleaned the trading den, and wife, was pleased to see the stuff cut in half. There is power in simplcity. Were getting rid of the excess stuff… Really gald to meet you, and trust Brad is feeling better, Enjoy, be safe… Was fun to hear Wanye’s excitement toward your possible get together… Your sincereity blew us away… Happy trails… Need a place to stay, Anytime… Our RV is yours… Cordially, Joseph

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