Episode 133: The Rob Booker Trade-for-a-Living Road Tour

Do you live anywhere along this route? I would love to visit with you.
Leave a comment on this post if you’re up for a visit. 

Click this link for an expandable Google Map.

Hot off the press — you’re hearing it here first! Your host, Rob Booker, has a very big, wild and crazy announcement for this episode! You don’t want to miss this show. Starting April 1, Rob is hitting the road, and he wants to come and visit YOU (and maybe sleep on your couch…). Listen to this episode to find out how you can participate or at least follow The Rob Booker Trade-for-a-Living Road Tour! No, Rob’s not crazy; he’s a trader!

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93 comments on Episode 133: The Rob Booker Trade-for-a-Living Road Tour

  1. David says:

    Nashville is a nice place!

    1. robbooker says:

      Done. Nashville is near the top of my list of places I have always wanted to visit.


  2. Brian Bice says:

    Rob, don’t just fly over South Georgia. I’m 3 hours south of Atlanta in Douglas, GA. Less than 2 hours north west of Jacksonville, FL. You can go to JAX and fly around FL. My internet is GREAT now – much, much better than the podcast you invited me on. Also, my couch – pretty damn comfortable!

    Might even have fresh blueberries for your juicer as picking should be going good by mid-late April.

    If all else fails, I may offer up my in-laws house in Atlanta – HAHA!

    Have a good and safe trip – I’ll be watching and listening!

    1. robbooker says:

      How can I resist such an offer!!!???


  3. Derek says:

    Rob, I think you have absolutely lost your mind! That is such a great and motivating idea. If you really do want to stop by Las Vegas, NV you are more than welcome to stop by. I even have an actual bed in the guest room you could sleep on. I am certainly not trading for a living but I like to pretend that I know what I am doing. Currently working full time and studying/practicing hard to make the transition to trading full time. Either way, stop on by if Vegas happens to fit into your route, I would love to take a few days off work and talk trading with you.

    1. robbooker says:

      Derek, I accept. And it doesn’t matter if you’re trading for a living yet – the point is to talk to you about your goals and your journey – these stories of trying to make it work are motivational and help other traders get through the tough times. I am so excited!


  4. Pip Surf says:

    Awesome idea Rob – looking forward to tracking the road tour!

    You would be welcome to crash on our couch – but you would need to paddle a lot to get here in Australia – maybe the next trip will be international??

    1. robbooker says:

      Guess what country is next on my list?


      1. John says:

        I think that you better stop past Melbourne on your tour of Australia!

        1. robbooker says:

          You got it! Thank you for listening!


  5. Anya says:

    April Fools joke, right?

    1. robbooker says:

      Nope it’s the real thing.

  6. Doni says:

    Denver CO welcomes you.

    1. robbooker says:

      Consider it done! Can’t wait! We’ll send you more details on how to get in touch with me so we can set up a time to meet and talk.


  7. Lisa Van Meter Perry says:

    Okay, Rob. What an adventure!

    Please consider the Blue Ridge mountains of southwest VA. Our little town of Floyd is located 2.5 hours north of Charlotte, NC off I-77 and 5.5 hours south of DC via I-81. We have a bare-bones guest bedroom (oldest son’s freshly re-painted bedroom), or the couch (which is comfy).

    We have WiFi and the best internet offered in our county. That isn’t saying much, but I trade with it okay.

    We have our own frozen (‘no spray’) blueberries picked last summer in the freezer. We don’t pick this year’s crop until late May. We’ll make you a blueberry-apple-banana smoothie in our VitaMix w/maca powder & milled chia. Or with some of our frozen peaches. Our own it-all-flows-out-of-Floyd-County well water (or even a cuppa Red Rooster organic coffee from here in Floyd, if you want to ‘test’ it for Jen). If you prefer an omelette, we have fresh eggs from our 7 laying hens and toast from my friend Barb’s, Grateful Bread!

    There’s my offer. Dinner, too, if you want it. Maybe we’ll see you.


    1. April says:

      Lisa, that sounds so good I might come to your house too!

      1. robbooker says:

        Lisa, I am FOR SURE coming to visit. I will be there around the 25-26 of April. I am stopping in Buena Vista the next day to visit my college mentor who is now the Provost at Southern Virginia University. So please consider it a plan!


  8. Cam says:

    Refreshing Idea. Love it and am looking forward to hearing the highs and lows! Ps: If you do visit Australia there is always a place to stay in Sydney !!

    1. robbooker says:

      Australia is NEXT!

  9. Brian says:


    You’ve done the beaches on the West Coast, and probably the beaches on the East Coast too, all that’s left is the Gulf Coast. I live in Long Beach, MS. We have 62 miles of scenic shoreline with a whopping 26 miles of soft white Caribbean-like sand. This place was utterly destroyed by Hurricane Katrina and it has really bounced back. The Gulf Coast of Mississippi is like Florida was before developers ruined it. There’s almost no crime, virtually no traffic, and the people are actually polite like you stepped into a time machine back to the 60s! Moved here three years ago and they can have the cold weather up North. Not going back!

    Husband and wife trader team married 23 years. I have been serious about trading for more than 8 years and my wife started full bore just 8 months ago. There’s a real life example of the Booker philosophy regarding long term aspirational goals verses immediate goals. I can’t tell you how delightful it is to have a spouse who’s eyes used to glaze over when I mentioned trading show an interest and excitedly show me what she learned today.

    You are more than welcome to stay here, talk trading, and take in the scene.


    1. robbooker says:

      Brian, I am putting it on my list of places right now. I am thrilled at the idea of the scenic shoreline. I’ll be in touch early next week with more details!


  10. B. Foolish says:

    It just so happens that I’m retiring at the end of March, so if you make it up to Calgary, Alberta, I’d love for you to come for a visit and host a podcast up here.

  11. David Pullen says:

    Rob, I think you will enjoy this road trip so much, you will have got to make future ones in other countries ASAP. Who needs a house? I lived out of a back pack for a year and a half and LOVED THE EXPERIENCE

    When you come to OZ, there is always a spare bed and cold beer here for you in Melbourne Australia. I’ll even how in a Barbie (BBQ) with some weird and wondrous locals to meet.

    Was also thinking that you might consider journaling your thoughts as you make your road trip. Hope you don’t experience draw down, but your thought processes during these times and indeed when you are profitable would be an invaluable insight for we listeners.

    Maybe you could consider getting one of those small video cameras that clip on your rear vision mirror, for those moments where you just have to share or capture a thought.

    As well as the trading discussions, I’d love you to point out the things, sights, people you meet along the way that generally just make you happy to be alive.

    Have fun!
    ps: Best weather in Australia is Melbourne, if you don’t like what is on offer, just wait 5 minutes 🙂

    1. robbooker says:


      I am definitely going to do this in Australia next. I have received almost as many invitations to come to OZ as I have to anyplace else in the world – and I would love to tour the country. Someone is going to have to drive me because I do not know if I can get used to driving on the left side. I am grateful for the invitation and I accept. I’ll be in touch about the trip!


  12. Hey Rob,
    $10,000 is plenty…
    A month might not be enough time to do all the places you have in mind.
    Look forward to the adventure

  13. Hey Rob,

    $10,000 is plenty…
    A month might not be enough time to do all the places you have in mind.
    Look forward to the adventure


  14. David Pullen says:

    Rob, just wondering
    What would you actually take on the road, to allow you to trade?
    Do you personally need anything other than your trusty MAC and and internet connection?
    Always wondered how much of the peripheral information we surround ourselves with is necessary to make a dollar?

  15. Tom Garrett says:

    Rob- I live in Colorado Springs. My wife and I have a small apartment and have an air bed. I have a sales job and frequently travel during the week, but I would love to meet you and talk to you about Forex trading. I have not started trading yet. I think your idea is really neat! So I hope we can set something up! I really appreciate your podcasts!

    Have fun in April and travel safe! Tom G.

  16. Roberto says:

    Awesome !! — My son was born April/ 01/1986 !!… and we are on the way to be successful. East Lansing, Michigan.

    Thanks, Rob.

  17. Dave says:

    Hey Rob,

    Doesn’t sound like Wisconsin is on the route, but if you happen to have a hanker’n for a beer and a brat. Swing by the Madison, WI area. You are always welcome to crash at our house!


  18. Charles Hashem says:

    This trip is going to be so awesome that you should find a producer to film this trip as a documentary.
    “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” is a documentary where a man (Joe Cross) travels from NY to CA by car with his juice machine educating people along the way about the benefits of juicing. I found it a very inspirational movie.

    Your “Trading, Traveling and Visiting” experience is going to be so amazing because of your outgoing, humorous and likable personality. You will do just great out there.
    Looking forward to watching and supporting you on your trip.

    1. robbooker says:

      Charles, I watched that movie and it was the inspiration for me to go to a mainly juice diet. I’ve lost 17 pounds in the last three weeks and I feel like I am the old Rob Booker again (or the young Rob Booker, which was a lot more adventurous). That’s the inspiration for this as well. And – just so you know – I have purchased two GoPro cameras and I’m strapping them to my car, and taking them on the road and recording the entire experience. I am sure it won’t look like Joe’s video but I am really excited about it.


  19. Nate says:

    Phoenix area reporting in. I’d love if you came and stayed in my humble apartment in Scottsdale. I can’t take any more work off put you’re most welcome here as long as you want to be. I know that you want to be healthy and juice and whatnot but I live right across the street from the best pancakes in all of Phoenix valley (Butters). And if you stayed here I would insist on taking you for at least one tasty breakfast.

    1. robbooker says:

      Nate, I accept. Is April 1 ok with you? I am thrilled that you wrote. We can go look at a house I want to rent together the next day. After pancakes.


      1. Nate says:

        Sounds wonderful Rob! We’ll expect you on the 1st.

  20. Hey Rob,

    You’re invited to Columbia, MO. Just take 70 east from Denver on your way to Nashville. You have a bed and fajita diner (or fresh fruit, whatever you prefer). I’d still love to chat trading and magic. =)


    1. robbooker says:

      I think I need to stop in Missouri anyway – how would I get to Texas from there? I am beginning to think I need a plane instead of a car…

      See you in Columbia! I am going to put it on the list and will contact you soon.


      1. I would do a big loop…. States I remember you mentioned… Go straight across Utah, Colorado, Missouri, Tenn and Kentucky across to the Carolinas… and then swing down to Florida and drive I 10 back through Louisiana, Texas and end up in Arizona… but I’m no travel agent. =)

        If you were to go from Columbia down to Austin you would have a full day of driving for sure. 6 or 7 hours to Texas… but Texas is a big place. I’d stop in Dallas.

        Drop me a line of possible dates when you would be coming through so it works with my performance schedule.

  21. ryan herroon says:

    hey rob,

    Come on over! We live in maryville tennessee which is a suburb of knoxville and in the foothills of the great smokey mountains for your outdoorsy pleasure. My wife is an excellent cook of filipino food for your eating pleasure. We have a kickbutt 3D tv for your viewing pleasure. I would love to show you my trading setup and would love to share a few stories. Oh I forgot, you would be sleeping on my seconnd hand couch and if you are a light sleeper, sorry because my screen might jump to life at 4am. If you like to run, we have a really nice nature park here. By the way, I lived on the road while trading for 4 years so I might have an insight or two to help you along your journey. Great travels, young jedi!


    1. robbooker says:

      Ryan, that sounds AWESOME! I am going to see if I can make Knoxville part of the trip. And the Filipino food = very tasty!


  22. Jeff Hacker says:

    Hi Rob,
    I really enjoy the podcast and look forward to it each week. I know it’s hard work and expensive, but unless you plan on calling me every week or so… yeah you’re probably stuck doing it. Seriously, I appreciate it being there twice a week. It was a much needed pick-me-up today.

    I live in Charlotte, NC near the airport. You are welcome to stay with us if you do decide to make this part of your route and our schedules fit. My wife’s a great cook. You’ll probably be sick of juice by then and need some food.

    I began my trading education about two years ago, but I’m a complete trading trainwreck right now. I signed up for the live trading room recently, but one of my daughter has ended up using the lessons instead of me due to my schedule. I’m glad because she is doing very well even though she started just two months ago. In fact, she’s doing better than I am at the moment.

    Well, either way, I will certainly enjoy hearing the podcasts that come out of this adventure.

    thanks again,

    1. robbooker says:


      I’d love to visit with you and stay with you for a night in Charlotte. That’s a perfect plan and I really appreciate it. I love the humor, too.

      What is your daughter’s name? I am happy she is joining us in the trading room and she is most welcome.


  23. Stephen marty says:

    Sounds absolutely fantastic. I live in Dolores Co, short drive from Phoenix and south of Denver. Come through I think it would be be fantastic, plus we have great local beer.

    I trade for myself and support my family while doing it and am in no means “rich”. But it works.


    1. robbooker says:

      Stephen, it’s a deal. I am thrilled to hear from you. You will hear from me next week – we will have some dates and times ready.


  24. Joe Marsh says:

    Rob-In the Mid-80’s I was a pilot for Gannett News-Papers. Alan Neuharth was the CEO and decided he would do a JetCapade around the world and write about it in USA Today,
    which he founded. When he completed that in about a year he did a BusCapade around the US. Everyone thought he did this for a nice vacation but the articles and who he interviewed were very interesting! I think you could write a book with all the material you will have. You are invited to stay with us in Rochester, NY. We would love it! I just want to be in the book!

    1. robbooker says:

      Joe, this is a fantastic idea. I had no idea that he did that. I love it! I would love to have you in the book too. I can guarantee that this is not going to be the last time I do this. Hell, this might be all I ever do. Homelessness might have a nice shine on me.


  25. Joe Marsh says:

    Hi Rob,
    Don’t think my previous post made to you. Love to have you visit Rochester, NY and stay with us. YOu will be able to write a book about this. Hope to see you.

    1. robbooker says:


      I am not sure I will get to Rochester on this go-round but I will probably do this again. My goodness – I cannot believe how many people have responded. And yes on the book – I have already started an outline. Thank you for the support and the invitation.


  26. Ron Cooperman says:

    If you really want to visit OZ, then you absolutely have to come to Kansas, or specifically Kansas City. Harryette and I have plenty of room. In fact, if you can make it to this part of the country, we have room for you and two other traders if you’d like to make it a team event and if a couple of other Kansas/Missouri/Iowa people would like to join us. You each get more than a couch, you get your own bedroom. With your traveling juicer, I would expect you to make us all pancakes and a refreshing drink. After all that juice, some Kansas City barbeque is a must. From Colorado you could come east to here and then head south for Texas. For technical fun we could compare currency strength meters. For non technical fun we could simply have some great food and lots of laughs while we collect lots of pips. Hope you can make it. Harryette sends her best. Ron

    1. robbooker says:


      I am trying to make a special pass through Kansas City just for this purpose. Best back to Harryette. Miss talking to you on Fridays!


      1. April says:

        If you make it to KC, let me know, maybe I can drive down from IA for the party. I’d love to meet Ron & Harryette.

        1. Ron Cooperman says:

          April, thanks for adding a little incentive for our friend. It would be great if he’d just make a small change to his route. Denver to Texas is too far for one leg of the trip. KC is just the perfect place for a stop in between. I’d get him a travel agent, but he’s a little hard headed. Must be all that juice and no steak. Look forward to meeting you and sharing trading ideas and good times. My best, Ron

          Rob, the pressure is on. Trust me, you don’t want to disappoint Harryette. I know from experience.

  27. John Verbrugge says:

    Hi Rob,

    Since you’re going to be in Grand Rapids visiting Niel, would you have time to stop by my house too? We’d love to have you over, and if you need a place to stay, we have a spare bedroom all ready!

    I’ll send my phone and address to Jason.

    Hope to see you in April!

    1. robbooker says:

      John, only if you promise that we can do a podcast together.

      Yes for sure. I’ll be in touch in the early part of next week. Thank you for the invitation!


      1. John Verbrugge says:

        For sure. Hey, how about this for an idea–

        I will launch my new podcast on that day! Episode 1 awaits!

        Looking forward to it.


  28. Tiffany Forbes says:

    Sweeeeeet! Let’s rock it out in South Florida! I have a juicer, beaches to run, and most of all a place to trade. Just let me know what you need and it’s done!

  29. Hey Rob

    Looks like the next months are going to be pretty exciting on the traders podcast.

    I can’t wait to hang out when you come to Australia, as previously discussed, your more than welcome to hangout and stay with us.

    This is such a great idea!

    best wishes


  30. Evan says:

    Hey Rob,
    I think this is a fantastic idea and should make for some very entertaining podcasts, really cannot wait to hear these. If you make it up the east coast I live just south of boston, MA and I would be more than happy to open up my apartment to you. I live in New bedford, MA , the great whaling city of the 19th century which offers some great beaches, and even better seafood. And this is good because you wouldn’t want my cooking.

    I have been trading independently for 2 years and I am about break even to slightly profitable at this point. Look forward to your response!


  31. Kerry Drake says:

    If you are stopping into Michigan for a book deal. Wisconsin is next door for another book deal.
    I trade successfully and run a construction company. Extra room for you to stay and I have a small airplane to come and pick you up.

  32. Kerry Drake says:

    Route 66 ends here.

    1. robbooker says:

      How can I not say yes to that?


  33. Gatsby says:

    Hi Rob and Jason,

    I have waited a long time to write this email and thought initially that I would write it when I made my transition into full-time trading, but then out of nowhere there was The Traders Podcast episode #133. That changed everything.

    The quick background:

    In the final months of 2012 I committed myself to a plan that would allow me to begin trading full time by the final months of this year. I went back and listened to every episode of The Traders Podcast, watched every video on the Rob Booker Youtube page, hired one of your frequent guests as my trading coach (Scott Welsh) and devoured as many books on trading as I could find. In addition, my car is now for sale and I have been selling my books and clothes actively. I have simplified my life and cut my expenses by more than half. I am trying to “reduce before I expand”. In October the plan is to move to Oaxaca, Mexico with a $10,000 trading account and $2000 for living expenses that I estimate will run out in 3 months. If I want to remain in Oaxaca after those three months, I will need to trade my way to sustainability. I REFUSE to use any of my trading funds in order to live.

    I say all this to say – Rob, you are batshit crazy and I am so very thankful for it. Your willingness to lead by example and help traders has been a great inspiration. I also want to thank you and Jason for being genuine people with a giving heart. I know it sounds a bit arbitrary but it must be said publicly that the willingness you all have shown to help traders and the efforts you all make to treat your listeners with the utmost dignity and respect has given many listeners the confidence that there are good people involved in the markets.

    In closing, all the best with your journey across the country Rob, and Jason you keep up the great work man. I live in Houston and would be honored to talk trading with you Rob, if you can spare the time.



    1. robbooker says:

      Gatsby, you are just my kind of human. Love and luck to you on the journey and I cannot wait to hear more from you. I am selling and giving away all my stuff too – and just going to have an adventure. Keep in touch!


  34. DiegoArg says:

    May be some time you decide to go to Argentina, home of the new pope, jaaa.
    If you come, you have a confortable place to stay waiting. Very good asados (barbacue) too

  35. kevin says:

    Would love to catch up with you since the seminar in miami. I live 3 hours north of columbus ohio in a very small town with not much around but I have a comfy couch and my wife is a good cook. I’m now trading full time since the business that I was working at sold out. I decided to take my time and learn how to trade instead of looking for any old job plus I have enough money to live on for the next year. So If you decide to drive a little further north of columbus would love to see you if not still can’t wait to see how it all turns out

    good luck,

    1. robbooker says:

      Kevin, congratulations on going full time (no matter what the reason!). I hope to come see you in April!


  36. Brian says:

    You are of course, utterly mad. LOL

    From the gibberish that displayed on the website, I saw a snippet that read Long Beach, MS, so I guess I’m “I” or “J.” Maybe it’s time to tell the Mrs that someone I met on the Internet is coming to stay overnight, but I really don’t think he’s a serial killer. Actually, she listens to the cast and will be thrilled to have you here.


    PS: I’ll send Jason the directions and some suggestions about the most scenic route. Can’t do it now, I’m in my cups.

    1. robbooker says:

      Enjoy the cups!

  37. Kelly says:

    Rob — what a fantastic journey! It’ll be a great time following your travels. If you decide to venture a tad more north, Alaska is a beautiful state to visit.

  38. Neal Wedding says:

    I’ve got a spare bedroom in Henderson, KY, if you’re in the neighborhood (about 150 miles north of Nashville). Home cooking included!


    1. robbooker says:

      Wow! I will try to make that work!

  39. Evan says:

    Hey Rob,
    I think this is a fantastic idea and should make for some very entertaining podcasts, really cannot wait to hear these. If you make it up the east coast I live just south of boston, MA and I would be more than happy to open up my apartment to you. I live in New bedford, MA , the great whaling city of the 19th century which offers some great beaches, and even better seafood. And this is good because you wouldn’t want my cooking.

    I have been trading independently for 2 years and I am about break even to slightly profitable at this point. Look forward to your response!


    1. robbooker says:

      Evan, we’re going to try to make that work! I don’t know if it will but – just in case, we want to stay in touch with you from the road.

      Can you fill out the form here and let us know how to stay in touch with you?


      Thanks! Happy trading and see you in Boston MASSSSSSSS!!!!

  40. Tom Garrett says:

    Rob- you said today on podcast 134 that you were going to visit Sean in Colorado Springs on your April trip, do you know about what date that will be? I had actually left you a post on the 18th, I hope I can be around to see you when you visit here.
    So has your agenda/dates been figured out yet?

    Thanks- Tom Garrett/ Colorado Springs CO

    1. robbooker says:

      Tom, we are definitely going to stop in Colorado Springs, and I would love to see you while we are there. We got so many posts that I may have missed yours from the 18th and I appreciate you writing again. We are going to put up a form on the home page of the trip – and let everyone enter their information and let us know where they live, and then we can schedule exact times. Thank you!


  41. Jp says:

    I live in buckeye az, it is at the entrance of the I-10. And watson rd It will be a nice stop beforee you go into Phoenix. I really like the verrado area. I will have a juice for for you with my new breville juice. Great broadcast.

    1. robbooker says:

      JP, that’s awesome! Ok – if you can go here and fill out the form we will know how to contact you when we come through!


      We’ll stop for juice on our way into Phoenix!


  42. Joline says:

    Hi Rob, what an amazing idea!! I thought about doing the same thing. I’ll be following online. Couch is open in eastern Canada with Max to welcome you!! Have an awesome adventure!!

    1. robbooker says:

      Yay! I won’t forget the invitation!

  43. Ryan says:

    I’m Right outside of Atlanta, I’d love to see you while you are here. There is a guest room available if needed 🙂

    1. robbooker says:

      That would be great!! Yes, thank you! We’ll be in touch!


  44. Jim Deaux says:

    Hi Rob,

    You’re welcome to stay with us anytime in Atlanta, we have an extra bedroom. It would be a privelege to have you, and you can stay as long as you like.


    1. robbooker says:

      Jim, I really appreciate it. And I’m excited to see you!

  45. Keith Jeske says:

    I missed most of your plans as I was looking for things to appear on the Tfl site,
    was able to join AM class today and got the scoop on coming over here…..Maybe
    to late, but would be more than happy to open our Small Adobe ( yet great ocean views)
    via a comfortable couch, to you……….Usually you would have to be able to put up with doors open and the ocean sounds, yet I understand Rain is on it’s way at the end of this week….
    Sunday (if you start out early) or Monday or whatever works for us, would love to get your input on my new project that involves trying to control risk with the Forex Market ??
    Any way sorry this is late and wish you a fabulous trip if I get to see you or not…..I forgot to
    mention I live in Coronado, just a short drive over the bridge from Downtown San diego…and on the way to wonderful Phx.
    keith jeske

    1. robbooker says:

      We would love to come! I accept! What a great way to start the trip!

      We’ll be in touch very soon – and do you mind putting in your info here so we know how to contact you?


      See you Sunday (if that works for you!)


  46. Mihai says:

    Hi guys,
    What about Chicago? Is there any chance to get in the windy city this month?
    I love your podcast and being a truck driver and an aspire trader, I listen to your program while driving. It makes my job easier…and entertained. :)) Thank you Rob and Jason! Hey, maybe I will meet you on the road out there. You gonna have a lot of fun on your exciting journey…I know you will!!!


    1. robbooker says:

      Thank you so much for listening to the podcast! We love Chicago and we are trying to make it work – I will keep in touch!


  47. Jeremy says:


    Let me know when you are coming to Australia. I’ve done the trip around Australia and am happy to help you plan your trip. Of course you are also welcome to stay with us Canberra. I also think you’ll adjust to driving on the left hand side of the road – after all, we have to adjust to driving on the right hand side of the road when we visit the US!


    1. robbooker says:

      That’s fantastic! I am very excited about Australia – and I appreciate your offer. I will keep in touch – and thank you for listening!


  48. Sammy Billimoria says:


    Dear Rob,
    I saw your new seminar, where you talk about changing “mind maps”.
    I tried to buy your package. On your site it said the package was $29 + $370. For a total of $399. On the paypal site for the buy button, it said $29 now and $370 every 7 days.
    I want to buy your package. Can you please clarify the cost.

    Sammy Billimoria

    1. robbooker says:



      It is only $29 one time and $370 or $270 one time. The total cost will be $299 or $399. The Paypal site is hard to understand about that.

      See you in the class!


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  50. ron christiansen says:

    Hello Jason & Rob,

    Have to say there has been a lot of interesting podcasts & am looking forward to how this trip turned out. Started listening to the pod casts recently from very first one, & have many more to go to get current.

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