Episode 131: Into the Garbage Pile of Podcast History

You’ll have to please excuse us for this wacky episode… when we recorded Episode 131, your host Rob Booker was a little wound up and quite comical in his reaction to an e-mail from fellow author Brian Twomey, who wrote to inform Rob that he has surpassed Rob’s former publishing accomplishments. Congratulations to Brian!

In other news, our friend John wrote to tell us about his forthcoming podcasting venture in which he’s launching his own podcast on automated trading! John’s e-mail is a response to our invitation for other trader-podcasters to create a show of their own and band together with us as part of The Traders Podcast Network. This leads to a discussion of a few tips for traders who are considering starting their own podcasts. Rob and Jason talk about microphones and inexpensive set-ups. But the best resource for a beginner is this Learn How to Podcast link.

And last, but certainly not least, our friend Linna wrote to tell us about her publishing venture and shares some of her book with us. We hope you can find some sort of enjoyment from this bizarre episode. Thanks for listening!

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One comment on “Episode 131: Into the Garbage Pile of Podcast History

  1. Brian Fortin says:

    Rob and Jason,

    I have a long commute, and I look forward to your podcasts and enjoy the chit chat, so it’s not garbage to me. I think you are too hard on yourselves regarding the content, maybe because you take for granted the depth of your knowledge. Proabably because of my age group, I enjoyed and learned a lot from the discussion of Kindle publishing and podcasting.

    The best take away from this episode came from Rob’s observations regarding aspirational goals verses immediate goals. He seemed to be saying that you have to be patient with your long term goal and ruthless about completing your short term goals. I agree 100%. One of my many faults is my interest in trading tends to pull me away from completing short term goals. To use an analogy, the way to dig a hole in the ground isn’t to take a shovelfull here and a shovelfull there, you will never feel like you are making any progress and will just quit. You have to be systematic about it and slowly expand upon your digging. The same goes for learning how to trade. You have to choose what to learn and complete that goal before you move on, because an unfinished goal is less than worthless. For example, knowing a little bit about options is an invitation to disaster. Also, the world of trading is too big to learn everything, so digging a little bit here and a little bit there is like trying to excavate the whole earth. It can’t be done.

    Comment regarding John soliciting a name for his podcast on automated trading:

    I hate to sound negative, but most traders don’t want to learn how to trade. They think they do, but in reality they just want someone to think for them so they can pick up an easy way to make money without doing the work. If you can link the cast to girls in bikinis, trading from poolside, exotic locations, gold and silver, easy money, quick money, trading secrets, mysticism, or status, it will sell, because that’s what the idiots want. Why not link them together?

    Panama John’s Poolside Trading Secrets
    Jesse Livermore’s Android Trading Systems
    The Gann Chronicles: Automating the Lost Journals
    Digital to Physical: Beating the Silver Cartel at their Own Game
    The Lazy Trader: John’s Golden Hammock System
    Beating the HFTs for Even Quicker Millions
    Trader John’s Spring Break: Traders Gone Wild

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