Episode 13: Exotic Indicators and Kickin’ It Ol Skool

In Episode 13, Rob talks with author Raghee Horner about the way trading has changed over the years, finding what works for you and ignoring everything else, and the questionable merits of the Ichimoku indicator. For a good time, tune in to this show and give Rob and Raghee a listen.

3 comments on Episode 13: Exotic Indicators and Kickin’ It Ol Skool

  1. Kathleen Hendrickson says:

    Enjoyed very much and find it encouraging. At about the 1 year mark on learning forex and read your tweets. Thank you, Kathleen

  2. gary says:

    The comment about baggage was classic, and so TRUE…. Great Interview Rob!

  3. John says:

    Hi Rob,

    So how do you really feel about the Ichimoku cloud? In your interview with Raghee it sounded like you were ready to blow it up, yet in one of your You Tube videos you expoused the merits of the cloud (for stock trading).

    By the way, I don’t use the cloud and have no interest in using it. I’m just trying to reconcile what appears to be opposing perspectives.


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