Episode 123: How to Write and Publish a Trading Book

In this very special episode, your host — author Rob Booker — answers a question from Scott, who asks about the process of writing a trading book. So Rob talks about how to write and publish a trading book, along with valuable information about all the elements of a book proposal (including an attached template to demonstrate Rob’s Book Proposal Form). Rob talks about what you should include in your Book Content section of your proposal, as well as some elements of the “Front Matter” section. Rob and Jason also discuss building up a platform to working with agents or acquisitions editors.

Also in this episode, Rob describes how to get in front of a publisher. He also answers the following questions: How do you know if you have a good idea to write about? Should you write your book first and shop it around, or wait until you’ve got a book contract before you start writing? What is the best way to get a book contract that’s going to pay you money? All of this and more in Episode 123!

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4 comments on Episode 123: How to Write and Publish a Trading Book

  1. Hi Guys

    Thanks for answering those questions, much appreciation.
    Look forward to the next installment.

    1. robbooker says:

      You’re welcome! Anything for you!

  2. fxoutlier says:

    Pity about the Edge Trading book, I was looking forwards to it. Hope Rob Wilson will still have time for the 5 bullets course.

  3. Brian says:

    And the lesson of this podcast was what? You can’t publish anything unless you have a hook, some sort of a following of podcast listeners, website, or zombie followers? (Initially, I thought, like the fans of the podcast? …ok, depressing)

    Then, I realized, it was a very telling statement about the honesty and quality of Rob and Jason. The episode was devoted to the truth, the business is what it is, and Rob and Jason have never compromised their honesty and integrity in a very ugly business.

    In all my years, I have never, EVER, seen a trader guru give the straight skinny about what it takes to be heard in the trading industry like Rob Booker. NEVER.

    I don’t know Rob, but I now know he won’t lie to you. He could have an alien worm inside him that has taken over the normal human instinct to cheat you so it can lure you in the back room and eat your brains, but I can attest, he won’t lie to you.

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