Episode 122: There’ll Be Time Enough for Countin’ When the Dealing’s Done

Here is another action-packed episode of The Traders Podcast that amounts to a hodgepodge of ideas and information about trading, with a central theme surrounding live trading on the short-term charts. Your host Rob Booker begins by addressing an e-mail from Scott, who responds to our Conflict Avoidance Episode 119. This leads to more conversation about job interview techniques and an outrageous story about Rob’s criminal law instructor — Professor Diamond. Rob also discusses how becoming preoccupied and distracted by thoughts of money, instead of the matter at hand can be very detrimental to your trading career.

The second half of this show gives you a rare look into Rob’s personal trading approach and struggles. Jason interviews Rob about his own trading, which leads to discussions about knowing when you’re finished trading for the day and the importance of being able to remain consistent in your trading. Oh, and Rob also tells a story from his old, baseball glory days when he played second base. Don’t miss it!

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3 comments on Episode 122: There’ll Be Time Enough for Countin’ When the Dealing’s Done

  1. fxoutlier says:

    Another great episode. It was interesting to listen to how you trade. It made me pick up Strategy 10 once again. This is the book that Rob Wilson mentioned in his ebook and which first lead me to checking you out. I’ve just listened to episodes 31,32,33, the breakfast in bed series, brilliant stuff, especially Wilson in 31 on The Art of War. Lastly listened to 16, where Wilson talks about his trading methodology, where he states that his first trade is like a probe to determine the real sentiment of the market, saying, ‘You can’t have all my soldiers’, on the first probe, as if he’s an insurgent with limited resources against a superior force in numbers and firepower. Can you get Wilson back on the Podcast. Maybe he’s finished his course on 5 Bullets, which I’m eagerly waiting for. Sorry I haven’t joined 365, but can only afford one thing at a time, maybe after Wilsons course.

  2. Pablo says:

    Hi Rob and Jason, excellent episode! It got me thinking what Rob said about making 10 to 20 points as a daily goal. I have the same tendency to this market movements after what I saw in the charts for many years, however, I was wondering (and is my question) what is the stop loss in that kind of trade. Thanks againg, keep up with the good work!

    Pablo (Farmington, CT)

  3. Tom Garrett says:

    Hi Jason and Rob- I am a newbie, doing alot of research in becoming a trader. Found your podcasts on ITunes and love listening to them when I am driving, which is alot. This is the second episode (122) that you talked about the Mousetrap automated program. For the second time now I have watched Chris Davison’s video on its performance and I must say I am intrigued. In this episode you said something to the effect that you may be advising a new upstart candidate on “finding a server” and implementing Mousetrap on his account. Where would you advise I go to dig deeper into this concept? I currently have a demo acct setup with TradeStation. Thanks for your help and your wonderful podcasts! TG- Colorado

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