Episode 120: When You Realize the Market Does Not Love You

It’s time for another mail bag episode of The Traders Podcast! And the first e-mail we read levels some accusations toward an alleged, not-very-environmentally-conscious Rob Booker… We also read an e-mail inquiring about Facebook in 2013, which triggers Rob to give some updates on Google and Apple.

Chuck asks about a previous episode on back-testing. Another listener asks about the episode where Hubert Senters says, “I’ve got rules in place so that I protect myself from myself.” Our friend CJ writes about how he loves trading, but the market doesn’t love him back. Does the market hate you? Rob expounds on this phenomenon, as well as a number of other random questions, such as: Does one have to be cheating in order to be profitable as a hedge fund? Or is there a massive conspiracy where the pharmaceutical industry is pushing Ritalin on six-year-olds? All this and more during this episode of The Traders Podcast!

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4 comments on Episode 120: When You Realize the Market Does Not Love You

  1. fxoutlier says:

    Thanks for the link to 83 Protecting yourself from yourself. I wondered why I hadn’t noticed it in the title list.
    Great interview with Hubert Senters which led me to checking his own website on which I found an interesting short video on his 5 rules to trading success.
    1 Learn to lose big then once you’ve mastered that 2 Learn to lose small, then 3 Learn to tread water (make a bit give it back), then 4 Learn to win small and keep it, and you can guess what 5 is.
    Anyway more Hubert or his mate John Carter or similar if you please. Just purchased a second hand copy of Carter’s book Mastering the Trade, and am waiting for your Edge book (did the course a few months ago). Is TFL tv ever coming back?
    Interesting to hear you’re penciling a backtesting podcast in, as I’ve had my Forex tester software a while now and not got into it yet,( I’ve only been learning to trade for 2 years and slowly ramping up.) Anyway the software downloads free data from forexite, but this doesn’t look anything like the Oanda platform I use for the 1 min chart. I’m a follower of Wilsons 5 bullets and would be interested how he used the software to backtest as he wrote about in his 5 bullets book. (Can’t wait for the course, missed the short foray he made last May in training it, I hope he’s ok ) Anyway I noticed Chris Davison on his site FXTest.com has data to download to use in testing on MT4, it would be nice to hear his contribution to backtesting alongside your own and Wilson’s.
    So back to the opening bit on the podcast where Hubert says his bit. Up until recently you had a guy who stated ‘IF you walk the walk, you can talk the talk’. I wonder which episode and who it is? Given that you’ve taken the comment off air maybe its the Steve Cohen you mentioned in this podcast. Maybe you’d consider a podcast on how we walk correlates to how we trade. At the moment I’m walking like something off Monty Python, learning to lose big as Hubert would say.

  2. Scott says:

    Hi Rob,

    I have another suggestion for a podcast.
    What about some discussion about when to take profit or close out on a long term investment. Particularly when they are going well.
    I follow a value / earnings model for longer term investments so I always have rough plan where my exit will be. But when chatting to other traders / investors I find there is a really wide range of opinions on this. I’d love to hear both of your opinions.


  3. Chuck says:

    Jason & Rob

    Thanks for answering my question and referencing me back to episode 105. I came up with a strategy trading off the daily chart that worked REALLY well on my demo account in December, I started trading live January and have only broken even for the month. I haven’t back tested this yet and I’m really interested in finding out how this will work from back testing. I really need to find out if last month was a fluke.


  4. Matt says:

    fxoutlier, the “walk the walk” statement was Todd Gordon in Episode 25. Great show.

    Rob & Ja, this episode was great, because it directly relates to what made the difference between success and failure in my own personal trading. I too loved the market, and like most things you love, it ended up taking everything in the end. So then I hated the market, but stayed in. This was my personal key, to hate market but not avoid it. It’s like the bad neighborhood you’ve got to go through to get wherever you’re going. You know the neighborhood… Wild gangs of Big-Boys and Market-Makers roaming the streets in a never-ending turf war with the Smart Money… Once I accepted it was a dilapidated, crime-ridden cesspool of societal decay that’s out to take every cent I have, and even my damn sneakers, I quickly realized I needed to sneak around. To get through the wasteland, I have to sneak in the shadows rather than marching down the middle of the street (don’t want to offend those Big Boys)…

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