Episode 117: Apple in 2013

In this much-anticipated episode, your host Rob Booker and his producer Jason Pyles start out by chatting about some litigation drama that’s going on in the podcasting world. And this leads into Rob’s thoughts on the future of Apple in 2013. He begins by talking about how Apple’s stock has fallen a significant amount over the past few months and some of the reasons for this decline.

Rob also discusses the oddly changing perspectives where Apple goes from being considered the greatest stock in the world to Apple being called the worst company of all time. Then Jason and Rob talk about how Apple may relate to the fall of the Roman Empire and may be suffering from “the tall poppy syndrome.” And for the remainder of the show, Rob and Jason drift into wild speculation on various scenarios that could spell doom or delight for Apple in 2013. Don’t miss it!

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One comment on “Episode 117: Apple in 2013

  1. patrick says:

    Patrick from Brisbane, Australia here.
    I actually have a patent on the use of the term ‘tall poppy syndrome’ here in Australia. I invented it.
    You can expect to hear from my lawyers for your unauthorized use of my IP.
    Keep up the great work.

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