Episode 114: The Secret to Fearless Trading

In Episode 114 of The Traders Podcast, your host Rob Booker catches up again with 20-year-veteran trader and technical analyst Brian Shannon, the author of the blog Alpha Trends.net and the author of the book “Technical Analysis Using Multiple Time Frames.” Rob and Brian discuss trading stocks and some of the finer points to their decision-making process. They talk about the nature of fear — the fear that traders commonly experience, as well as the converse, having fearlessness in approaching the market. Brian explains why he generally isn’t fearful about a position, except for one sort of stock type that Brian is a little leery of…

In Episode 114, you’ll also hear about specializing in setups and opportunities, as well as some steps for minimizing the emotional aspects of having your money on the line. You’ll also hear Rob expound on the dangers of getting married to the story that you’ve sold yourself about a particular stock. This show is a must-listen! Tell your friends!

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Brian on Twitter: @AlphaTrends

Blog: Alpha Trends.net

Technical Analysis Book.com

On Amazon: “Technical Analysis Using Multiple Time Frames”

Brian says to visit: Only Price Pays.com

Trading View.com


Rob on Twitter: @RobBooker

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6 comments on Episode 114: The Secret to Fearless Trading

  1. steve says:

    i have been meaning to let you guys know how much i have enjoyed listening to the traders podcast for some time now; i have been exploring the idea of trading since june ’12 and the traders podcast was one of the first sources i found on my search; appreciative of of all the great information as well as the humor! particular fond of the episode in which the mortgage broker decided to learn to trade and live his life on his own terms. i am also in the mortgage business. while a very sad ending to the story, at the same time it was a very encouraging episode. there is so much information out there to try and digest/formulate a plan/strategy which is very difficult while working a full time job; the both of you and the traders podcast has been both an educational and enjoyable listen. i look forward to each and every new episode. while they are all great, i have especially enjoyed the last 10-15 podcasts. thanks for all you do!

    1. robbooker says:


      Thank you for listening! I’m happy that you sent a comment. There is no better story than Mickey’s – he passed away but at least he lived a full life. I still think about him often when I am having a rough day. I only knew him for what seems like a short time.


  2. Mike near London, GB says:

    Hey Rob and Jason
    that podcast with Brian Shannon rocked!
    Thank you

  3. Stu says:

    Excellent podcast Rob and Jason. I’m a big fan of Brian Shannon’s methods. Only discovered your podcast recently and it has quickly joined my essential weekly listening list. Keep up the good work guys!

    1. robbooker says:


      Thanks for listening! I love that episode with Brian, too – hope to have him back real soon.


  4. Carl says:

    Thanks. Made a nice trade on LNG and just got out today!

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