Episode 113: Live a Full Life in Preparation for a Moment When You Are Needed

While waiting for a scheduled guest to call in, Rob Booker and Jason Pyles fumble into an interesting conversation about author Ernest Hemingway. Rob begins by recounting a scene from the TV movie “Hemingway & Gellhorn” (2012), which inspired Rob and reminded him of some of the masterful traders that he’s seen at work — in action. Rob uses a lesson from this movie to discuss living a full life in preparation for a moment when you’re needed.

Next Rob talks about a PBS documentary he watched called “Inventing David Geffen” (2012), which is about Geffen’s uncanny ability to instantly recognize talent in the entertainment industry. And as always, Rob brings this back to trading. Episode 113 wraps up with Rob posing a series of hypothetical questions that are designed to bring about some self-reflection and introspection in our audience. Give this episode a listen!

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One comment on “Episode 113: Live a Full Life in Preparation for a Moment When You Are Needed

  1. Shan says:

    I was in this movie. And I trade, lol….

    Actually, a podcast about the low volatility would be appreciated.

    Or does it not matter? Just get 5 pips a day and forget the 1000 pip months of a few years ago?

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