Episode 107: Shakespeare and Trading

In this episode, your host Rob Booker and the producer take you to the theater to talk about Shakespeare and trading. In Rob’s classic style, he draws parallels between taking revenge against the market and Hamlet and Oedipus. During this show we also answer a letter from Steven, who made an exceptional transformation and turn-around in his trading. This leads to a conversation about breaking the cycle of losing performances and turning to winning performances.

And continuing a recent theme, Rob and Jason also discuss whether people really act against their own self-interest? And we read an insightful e-mail from none other than Rob’s mom about why people maintain a self-destructive course. Don’t miss it!

The player above will give you the (best quality) audio-only version of Episode 107. Or you can watch the (lesser quality) video version below:

Traders Podcast 107- Shakespeare And Trading from Rob Booker on Vimeo.

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One comment on “Episode 107: Shakespeare and Trading

  1. Dale says:

    I think anger is maybe not the best thing but definitely be determined to get your money back…become a cold killer trader, get revenge…CLEVER not angry and the faster the better!

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