Episode 106: Technical Analysis With Brian Shannon

For those listeners who enjoy our more technical shows, Episode 106 is for you! In this podcast, your host Rob Booker interviews 20-year-veteran trader and technical analyst Brian Shannon, the author of the blog Alpha Trends.net and the author of the book “Technical Analysis Using Multiple Time Frames.”

For the first half of this show, Rob and Brian discuss the Russell 2000, S&P E-Mini, the Volatility Index and much more! Plus, Rob asks Brian a number of questions, such as: What’s the most difficult aspect of trading? What do you use for charting? Are there times that an option is a better way of expressing your opinion about a market than the actual underlying shares? And Rob and Brian wrap up by answering a question from Karol about responding to loss. Tune in!

Links for this episode:

Brian on Twitter: @AlphaTrends

Blog: Alpha Trends.net

Technical Analysis Book.com

On Amazon: “Technical Analysis Using Multiple Time Frames”


Rob on Twitter: @RobBooker

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One comment on “Episode 106: Technical Analysis With Brian Shannon

  1. Alan says:

    Great talk. You should bring back Brian again.

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