Episode 100: Celebrating 100 Episodes of The Traders Podcast

In this monumental 100th episode of The Traders Podcast, your host Rob Booker and the producer, Jason Pyles, celebrate by answering some listener voicemails from John, Rohan, Natalie and Brian — as well as two e-mails from Mike and Keith. We also take some time to reminisce back through the previous 99 shows by listing off our favorite episodes and a number of statistics that we found interesting… We hope you find them interesting, too.

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Episode 100 is dedicated to you, the listeners of The Traders Podcast. Thank you so much for tuning in and supporting our show.

If you haven’t heard all 100 episodes yet, here are a few of our favorite episodes that we’d recommend:

Rob’s List:
Episode 40: Where and Why We Trade for a Living
Episode 64: PFGBest Peregrine Financial, Russell Wasendorf Sr and Gary Gensler
Episode 34: Peak-Performance Athletics and Trading for a Living

Jason’s List:
Episode 34: Peak-Performance Athletics and Trading for a Living
Episode 86: Because the Finish Line Is More Difficult Than the Starting Line
Episode 40: Where and Why We Trade for a Living
Episode 41: The Smartest Guys on the Podcast — The Only Guys on the Podcast
Episode 42: The Fastest Way to Get Your Money Back After a Huge Loss
Episode 43: What Is Really Happening Versus What We Hope Is Happening
Episode 44: Money Never Sleeps

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16 comments on Episode 100: Celebrating 100 Episodes of The Traders Podcast

  1. Roland says:

    Hi guys. Great 100th. Been listening since #10. #34 the best for me. I love to trade Gold/USD. Maybe you can do a podcast on it one day. Keep it up. Really helpful. Thank you for your time. You mentioned trade shows you will attend. Can you provide a list of all the trade shows coming up next year. Also, Jason I think it’s time Rob gets his own title. Like “The Forex Yoda” – “Do or do not trade. There is no try”. Thanks again : )

    1. robbooker says:

      Roland, you’re right – we should do a show about Gold. I have a few guests in mind and we should do that soon – before #110.

      Thanks for listening!

  2. Scott Welsh says:

    I don’t appreciate Wilson’s comments about my tennis shorts at the intro!

    1. robbooker says:


  3. Scott says:

    Hi Guys,

    Congratulations on Episode 100!

    I have really enjoyed listening to this over the past year, keep up the great work!

    Fave episode are have been Episodes with Adrienne T on Psychology, CDR Wilson (breakfast in bed), and peak performance treading with the entire gang.

    Keep up the great work.


    1. robbooker says:


      Thanks for listening! Always good to hear from you (on Twitter too)


  4. Marco says:

    Congrats on 100! Keep it up! love numbers 40 and 68.
    Remember to do one on selecting the right timeframe. Look forward to the next 100!

  5. Ugnius says:

    greetings from Lithuania (EU) 🙂

  6. yvan says:

    Great episode Rob and Jason! I’m listening to the podcast from my laptop, on the beach in Mauritius island,.. the view is awesome 🙂

    1. robbooker says:

      Wow, Yvan!
      Great to hear from you!

      Send in a picture of the view to Jason sometime so we can share it with everyone!

      His email is:


      Thank you for writing to us!


  7. Brian Fortin says:

    Getting angry when we lose money:

    Rob’s comments regarding having to “work on” himself because he gets angry when he loses money made me laugh, because we’ve all been there. But I’m not so sure getting angry is a bad thing. Usually, when I get angry it is because my position size is too big, so the emotional reaction is a warning light to reduce position size.

    Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Did I grow angry because I lost, or was I already emotional before I lost, and therefore, primed to pop my cork is things broke bad? Emotion after a trade is usually a result of emotion within the trade, and that prevents you from thinking straight and is the chief cause of a loss. Nine times out of ten, position size is the culprit. The tricky thing about trading is how much money you can emotionally handle trading changes from day to day (so journal it). Jesse Livermore’s tolerance varied between throwing millions of dollars around like it was nothing to being absolutely terrified with a small stake of a few thousands. Is anyone here a Jesse Livermore? Why should we expect to be able to do some mediatation and succeed where the best traders in history have failed? We want to avoid that fight.

    There’s a reason why people don’t blow up and cause a scene at the 7-11 when their scratch ticket is a loser. The amount of money isn’t important and they don’t expect to win with any one ticket, their dream is to win someday over a long series of scratch tickets. If we can stay within the same perameters, keep the money small enough so it’s not important, and view the trades as a series rather than an individual event, we won’t have to work on ourselves to try to be more than a human can be.

  8. Yoav says:

    Greet from Germany and to your 100 Episode “Birthday”.
    Actually, I personally miss a lot of guest which you has invited as the Podcats just started.

  9. Rene says:

    I am a college student living in Japan,
    just started diving deep into forex a few months ago and listened to first 100 episodes on ipad!
    Big thanks for making this podcast, I really love it 😉

  10. Luiz says:

    Hey Rob and Jason, the view from my window may not be as gorgeous as Ivan’s from the Mauritius Island, but it’s kind of cool as well. 🙂

    Your podcasts not only help me to improve my English, but also my trading. Keep up the great work.

    Greetings from Brazil, Luiz

  11. Thomas says:

    Commenting from New Zealand.
    I’ve been really motivated listening to your podcast! Keep it up.

  12. Luis says:

    Hey Rob and Jason,

    I’m making a self learning ultra fast education and I think the Trader’s Podcast is the most compelling resource I’ve found until now (I heard 90% of the 100 episodes). My favorite episodes until now are those where Commander Wilson was interviewed. Hope he participates in any of the following episodes (I’ll heard the 400+ episodes for sure)

    Regards from South America

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