Ep 648: David is my Favorite Trader Right Now

Who is your favorite trader right now and why are they your favorite? Welcome to The Traders Podcast Episode 648. Thanks for tuning in today. Rob Booker wants to talk about a great trading mindset he just heard from David. Hi David! Thanks for your message.

Trading to make a little money is fine. It’s great, even. Rob says, “Go get it.” And, here’s an interesting add on: Build a trading record that proves to investors that you know how to be consistently profitable. This is why David trades.

Thanks for listening to the podcast today. We love you! Thanks for sharing it and liking it. We’ll be back real soon.

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One comment on “Ep 648: David is my Favorite Trader Right Now

  1. Alvin says:

    I love your comment ..

    “Tie tied up so tightly that you’re cutting of supply to your brain!!”

    That’s a tee-shirt right there!!


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