Ep 640: When a Trading Question Haunts You

Happy October! It’s been way too long. Your hosts Rob Booker and the producer Jason Pyles are grateful to be back in the saddle again on The Traders Podcast after a requisite hiatus. Thanks for sticking with us.

In Episode 640, Rob discusses a trading issue that he and other traders have struggled with: What if you have a question about your trading that you’re obsessing over? What if there’s a facet of your trading that just keeps haunting you? For instance, Rob’s haunting question of late has been this: How do I filter out the bad trades from my trading system?

Rob and Jason spend some time discussing what this sort of intense focus might mean and how to get past it and work through it. Rob also tells a truly horrifying story about a struggling trader who was trying to punish himself in an unthinkable way. Join us to hear more! Thanks for listening.

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One comment on “Ep 640: When a Trading Question Haunts You

  1. David says:

    This was a great podcast. So great, that it leaves me with one question: When’s your next one? 🙂 YouTube is great and all, but podcasts are fantastic for binge listening on the go.

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