Ep 633: Raghee Horner on Proving a Good Trade With Price

Welcome back to The Traders Podcast! Your host Rob Booker continues his interview series with the great trend trader Raghee Horner! She talks about the importance of having a short memory when it comes to good trades (as well as the bad ones). Raghee encourages the listeners to not take a stop-loss personally. In fact, Raghee says traders shouldn’t take anything personally.

During Episode 633, Raghee speaks about trading systems, trading routines and how she tracks her trading goals. She also talks about how fasting can help your trading! Raghee says a good trade is a story you can wrap your head around and then prove with price. And she tells us what she believes is the most common mistake that traders make! Join us to hear more!

How to get in touch with Raghee Horner:

Website: Raghee’s Clubhouse
Twitter, Facebook and IG: @RagheeHorner

Raghee’s favorite books: Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself and The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent

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