Ep 610: State of the Market Address

Whether we choose to monitor it or not, the markets are often influenced by the newsworthy developments of the day. Some currency traders watch the news and keep up with politics and geopolitical current events to help them predict direction and volatility in the market. Other traders feel that concerning themselves with “all that noise” can just be a distraction.

Either way, occasionally on The Traders Podcast your host Rob Booker will devote an episode to discussing current events and how they are influencing the market. Regardless of your politics, you’re welcome here! As Rob and the producer Jason discuss the current administration, we won’t take any stances one way or the other.

Instead, Rob’s objective in Episode 610 is to examine what’s happening with President Trump and how our current administration is affecting the stock market. Financial markets are adversely affected by political uncertainty, and there are many developments afoot that are influencing our trading. We hope you will listen to learn more!

Also in this episode, Rob reflects back on a prediction he made years ago on this podcast. He said Facebook stock would reach $100 a share and predicted that you — the Facebook user — would become “The Product.” You can hear more and revisit these predictions in the episodes linked below:

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Episode 49: Fair Value, Facebook and the Euro-Swiss

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