Ep 588: Build First in Your Mind

Genius inventor Nikola Tesla claimed that when he had an idea, he would build it first in his mind. He would imagine all the ins and outs, finer points and various workings of whatever he planned to construct. Then once he planned the entire creation in his mind, he would proceed to physically build it.

In Episode 588 of The Traders Podcast, your hosts Rob Booker and the producer Jason Pyles discuss the notion of building first in your mind. We talk about using visualization from martial arts to trading. Join us to learn more! Thanks for listening to The Traders Podcast. We release new episodes every Tuesday and Thursday. Subscribe free in iTunes.

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One comment on “Ep 588: Build First in Your Mind

  1. Nick Hatfield says:

    Hi Rob and Jason. Started listening to your podcasts and love your approach and honesty related to trading and the markets. Just listened to “Build first in your mind” and without taking anything away would add one thing to the analogy of breaking boards. As a martial arts instructor, when breaking boards, set your sights past the board not at the board. Not sure if this applies to trading since I’m a horrible trader trying to learn from many mistakes. Just my two cents. Also Rob, watched you on you tube and love what you’re doing but wonder if you would be a more successful trader if you were to invest in the eyeglass market. In my lowly, humble opinion you might have more winning trades if you wore different eyeglasses. Maybe try some others, ask family and trusted friends how you would look. Try different ones on you tube if you care. Maybe get an opinion poll going. Just a thought! If it works for you it may help others too. Keep up the great work, you’re changing lives and thanks for listening if you’re listening. Nick

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