Ep 579: Rob Finally “Goes All in” on Bitcoin

Yep, you read that right. As has become a Christmastime tradition on The Traders Podcast, your hosts Rob Booker and the producer Jason Pyles are musing about Bitcoin again. And in fact, it is here in Episode 579 that Rob explains his ambitious albeit late-to-the-game plan to go all in on Bitcoin. This episode is a must-listen for anyone who is typically amused by Rob’s shenanigans, because he explains his cryptocurrency plans for the next 12 months!

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2 comments on Ep 579: Rob Finally “Goes All in” on Bitcoin

  1. Christian says:

    Hey, Rob. I jumped on the Bitcoin bandwagon recently as well (as in a few days ago) just in time for the immense drop that it’s experiencing at the moment :/ I’m trying to think long-term about this and trust the trade but my anxiety is through the roof, thinking about how my account is tanking. Do you think this is BTC finally stabilizing? Any reassurance would be greatly appreciated!

    P.S. Thanks for all that you do! I discovered you recently and have been going back and listening to “The Booker Report,” reading “Trading by Faith,” and I recently bought your Robots package, which I am slowly teaching myself how to use. It’s great that you are building a community of traders based on a foundation of humility, sensibility, and compassion unlike many of the “gurus” out there. I look forward to all your new podcasts, videos, articles, etc. Keep up the amazing work and Happy Holidays!

  2. Chuck N says:

    I agree Rob, & was thinking the same thing, but with a little bit at first. I’ve been reading up on Bitcoin & other cryptos, and wondering what you’ve been reading to study it up? I’m going to buy in soon too. Good luck & Happy Trading! Happy New Year!

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