Ep 578: John Henry Trades in His Steel-Driving Hammer for a Robot

Though it may seem unusual, Episode 578 of The Traders Podcast isn’t as bizarre as you might think. Sure, Jason the producer plays a sample from his rap alter ego, “J-Flexx,” and your host Rob Booker briefly talks with J-Flexx about “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” (don’t worry — no spoilers!). But really, that’s pretty typical stuff for The Traders Podcast, all things considered.

What makes Episode 578 special is a listener feedback text message from Louis, an insightful, 21-year-old steel mill worker in Texas. Louis doesn’t want to work his physically taxing job forever, so he asks Rob for some advice regarding getting started with trading robots!

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One comment on “Ep 578: John Henry Trades in His Steel-Driving Hammer for a Robot

  1. ron christiansen says:

    Great Rap!!

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