Ep 577: When Rob Closes a Mac, He Opens Windows

Thanks, in part, to the long-suffering influence of Traders Podcast listener, Talon, your host Rob Booker recently moved from the Mac platform back to Windows for trading. In Episode 577, Rob and the producer Jason Pyles talk about Rob’s readjustment as he gets used to Windows once again.

This unusual episode features “Dark Rob” talking about a light topic. You hear about surprising developments such as Rob giving up his iPhone X and starting to read the Bible again. Rob doesn’t preach any scripture, but he talks about the clarity he has gained from spending less time on his phone.

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2 comments on Ep 577: When Rob Closes a Mac, He Opens Windows

  1. Eirik says:

    Hi Mr. Booker and Mr. Pyles!
    Thank you very much for making this podcast!
    I’ve been listening to you the last 4-5 weeks, and covered 50 episodes.
    Really like the combination of enterteinment and learning this podcast gives.
    Looking forward to the next episode! Meanwhile I’ll listen to some older episodes.
    Have a great day, Gentlemen!
    Greetings from Norway.

  2. Ivan Michelena says:

    Hello guys, I was also a huge Apple junky until 2014, my first one was an Apple II (problably somewhere in my mom’s house). For me, the trigger was very simple, the iphone 4 16Gigs price vs 64gigs was like 200$ when a micro SD 32 gigs was 20$. At that moment I bought an android and never looked back. Still have my MacBook but…….

    Anyway……love the show…..congrats for the new partner in the show…..

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