Ep 569: Why Don’t You Just Stop Doing What Doesn’t Work?

Happy Halloween! Welcome to The Traders Podcast with your hosts Rob Booker and the producer Jason Pyles. Want to talk about something really scary? Episode 569 is a listener feedback “mailbag” episode whose questions coincidentally pertain to discipline in trading. We talk about how getting what you want requires making tough decisions to do things that are difficult. During the course of this show, we field questions from Steve, Tyler and a person we call “Grateful.” Join us!

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2 comments on Ep 569: Why Don’t You Just Stop Doing What Doesn’t Work?

  1. Huey Le says:

    Hey Rob and Jason,

    I am a recent subscriber to the traders’ podcast I am hooked to your show. Your show defines what good traders should be. Short, sharp and succinct. I came up with those three principles, LOL . Still a lot less principles than Ray Dalio I guess. By short I don’t mean short-selling but rather stop being procrastinated. My question for you today is where is the link to download all of your episodes which was mentioned in Ep #569. I don’t have the luxury to listen all 180 something hours all at once but I would love to knock off an hour a day. Again thank you for sharing your wit, wisdom and a winning mindset.

    Take care,


  2. Chris says:

    Hi Rob and Jason,
    It’s such a pleasure that you decided to continue production of the show! It’s the most positive podcast that I listen to and I would even listen to it without all the trading related topics (indeed I was an even bigger fan of your rooster podcast, which sadly is off the air now). I’ve been listening to you for years now (since episode 50, I think) and I hope you never stop. You guys are truly the kindest and most positive people on the air.

    PS. I couldn’t find the “download all episodes” link. Have you removed it already?
    PPS. Hosting it in dropbox or Google Drive should be free (no bandwith cost).

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