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Episode 32: Breakfast in Bed With Commander Wilson and Friends

The second of a four-part show, Episode 32 features Rob Booker talking over breakfast in bed with Commander Rob Wilson, Jennifer Thornburg and Scott Welsh. We continue our discussion on the time, space and force equation; we talk about the importance of respecting the amount you have in your trading account, while considering the age-old question of whether size matters; we discuss what constitutes success; how a trader can make projections about his or her success without being delusional; how to avoid missing that revelatory moment of clarity; how long it takes to “get it” and become a so-called professional trader; and the episode wraps with Rob’s round of rapid-fire questions for panel of co-hosts.

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Episode 31: Know the Market and Know Yourself

Episode 31 is the first of four shows that build in co-host numbers and intensity, so you’re going to love these next two weeks of The Traders Podcast. In this first part, Rob Booker is joined by guest co-host Jennifer Thornburg, trading blogger and author of the article, “Sex and Trading,” and together they interview Commander Rob Wilson.

Rob kicks off this show by reading some newspaper headlines to hear how they might affect Jennifer’s and Rob Wilson’s trading for the day. They also talk about adapting one’s methodology to suit one’s personality, and Commander Rob Wilson — the self-proclaimed General of His Pips — explores the analogy of comparing trading to warfare by talking about force, space and time in warfare and how those three factors are the same in trading. He also quotes from the popular book, “The Art of War,” by the Chinese war theorist Sun Tzu, and he discusses the valuable principles of knowing the market and knowing yourself.

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Episode 30: The SSI and Taking Your Second Trade First

In Part 2 of the “Wine-Tasting and Trading Strategy” episode, Rob Booker and his guest co-host, Jennifer Thornburg, trading blogger and author of the article “Sex and Trading,” talk by phone with David Rodriguez of FXCM.

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How do we know when the market is going to turn, or change directions? David has some ideas about that, and as a quantitative strategist and the curator of the Speculative Sentiment Index (SSI) published by FXCM, he is particularly qualified to talk about how he judges market psychology from the numbers that cross his screen every day.

Episode 29: Wine-Tasting and Trading Strategy

Rob Booker and his guest co-host, Jennifer Thornburg, trading blogger and author of the article “Sex and Trading,” talk over the phone with expert wine-taster, bike-rider and quantitative strategist David Rodriguez of Daily FX.com. In this episode you’ll hear about wine-tasting; an analogy on the making of a good wine and the making of a good trading strategy; the mistake that brand new traders make when creating their trading strategies; and an answer to the question, once and for all, whether one can be cited for bicycling while intoxicated. Join us!

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Episode 28: The Unique Ability

In this Part 2 with investment advisor Chris Hensel, Rob and Raghee talk to Chris about the concept of “the unique ability” and the benefits of identifying one’s own unique ability as a trader and then leveraging that “edge” to one’s advantage. You’ll also hear Raghee talk about how The Secret has influenced her trading, while Rob lets loose and shares a story about a time when he learned that you can get more with sugar than you can with salt. Trust us — you don’t want to miss this episode!

Episode 27: Point and Figure Charting

Rob Booker and his intrepid co-host, Raghee Horner, talk to Chris Hensel, an investment advisor who says he doesn’t want to become a full-time trader. They talk to Chris about why he feels this way, and why Chris says the irrefutable laws of supply and demand appeal to him. Rob and Raghee also speak to Chris about some perks of Point and Figure Charting, and they recommend a book on the subject.

The links mentioned at the end of this episode are DorseyWright.com and Thomas Dorsey’s “Point and Figure Charting.”

Episode 26: The Illustrious Todd Gordon, Part 2

In this Part 2, must-listen episode, Rob and Raghee continue their interview with television personality Todd Gordon, a host of CNBC’s “Money in Motion.”

Tune in to hear Todd discuss the Elliott Wave, Rob’s Meeting Melissa Francis Story, what Raghee calls “the hottest three minutes of technical analysis you’ve ever heard,” and how Todd finds balance as a trader with all the other aspects of his busy life.

You can tune in to “Money in Motion” on Friday nights on CNBC at 5:30 p.m. Eastern time, and you can find out more about Todd at cnbc.com.

Episode 25: The Illustrious Todd Gordon, Part 1

In this Part 1, must-listen episode, Rob and Raghee talk to television personality Todd Gordon, a host of CNBC’s “Money in Motion.” Our intrepid podcast hosts ask Todd for some background on “Money in Motion,” how he came to be a host on the show, if he gets nervous on the air because thousands of people are listening to him, how his own market analysis affects the way he presents on TV, and most importantly, whether he gets to speak to Rebecca Patterson. If you like this episode, don’t miss Part 2 this Wednesday!

You can find out more about Todd at cnbc.com.

Episode 24: Active Transformation, Passive Transformation and Faith

In this episode, Raghee and Rob wax philosophical and uncharacteristically reflective by discussing how traders bring active and passive transformations together to make themselves more hopeful, faithful, courageous and confident about what they do. They also discuss Raghee’s “three C’s” (as well as some unmentionable C’s); how faith pertains to trading; and some words of wisdom from the 1990 movie, “Joe Versus the Volcano.” Listen and weigh in by leaving your written comments below!

Episode 23: Sex and Trading Part 2

Here’s what you’ve all been waiting for (perverts!) — Part 2 of Jennifer Thornburg’s “Sex and Trading” interview, based on her mega-popular, must-read blog post by the same name.

You can read the original sex and trading blog post here:

at her Web site: jennifer.bz

And you can folllow her on Twitter here: @JenTho3