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Episode 42: The Fastest Way to Get Your Money Back After a Huge Loss

In this second part of four episodes on movies about trading, Rob Booker invites film critic and producer of The Traders Podcast, Jason Pyles, back to talk about the 1983 comedy, “Trading Places,” starring Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd.

Rob and Jason also discuss how you know when the psychology of the market is going to turn around (or, aka “the G.I. Joe with the kung-fu grip”); whether knowing how to survive on the streets is similar to knowing how to survive in the market; how success in trading is knowing how to withstand pressure; the psychology of desperation and adding discipline to determination; and most importantly — the fastest way to get back as much money as possible after suffering a huge loss. You don’t want to miss this episode!

Jason’s show about how to write songs: The Songwriting Podcast

Jason’s show about horror movies: Horror Metropolis

Episode 41: The Smartest Guys on the Podcast – The Only Guys on the Podcast

The next four episodes are dedicated to those who are under the weather or have some extra time on their hands. Rob Booker teams up with the mysterious producer of The Traders Podcast, Jason Pyles, to review four movies for traders while discussing how they reflect upon the world of trading, how accurate they are, and why they’re important for every trader to watch.

For Episode 41, Rob and Jason delve into a documentary called “Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room” (2005). And not to worry — even though our topical backdrop for the next four episodes is going to be movies, these shows are still about trading. Always trading. So, tune in and make some additions to your Netflix queue!

Jason’s show about how to write songs: The Songwriting Podcast

Jason’s show about horror movies: Horror Metropolis

Episode 40: Where and Why We Trade for a Living

Rob Booker is joined again by his guest co-host, “The Coach” Scott Welsh, podcasting from Columbus, Ohio. Scott and Rob begin this episode by talking about the importance of knowing what you want when striving to achieve a goal.

Next your trader hosts discuss whether the location you’re trading from affects your trading, and whether you can trade from anywhere in the world (and by the way, where are the greatest places in the world to trade from?). Rob and Scott also consider Las Vegas: Is Sin City the perfect place for traders? Can automated trading enable you to trade from anywhere? Rob lists his favorite trading locations, and he reveals his pick for the greatest city of all time. And if you live in a certain location — which is named in this episode — and you’d like Rob and Scott to come and trade at your home with you for a week or two, then contact us at producer@traderspodcast.com.

Also, in this episode, we introduce a new segment called “Dumb Things That Rob Does,” which pertains to today’s topic.

And finally, Rob concludes Episode 40 with a remarkable epilogue that enumerates the reasons why, exactly, we trade for a living by recounting an unforgettable story about his friend, Mickey — a trader who realized his dreams.

Please leave us a comment, telling us where you trade from and where you’d like to trade from.

Scott Welsh’s Web site: Bossilator.com

This episode is dedicated to Mickey, who successfully did what he always wanted to do.

Episode 39: Moving to Break Even

“The Coach” Scott Welsh returns to The Traders Podcast to engage in a little banter with Rob Booker about trading on Macs versus PCs. Then Rob introduces a new segment called “Jennifer Asks a Question,” in which they discuss traders who seem to perpetually move to break even.

Adding Jennifer Thornburg to the conversation, the three traders also discuss dealing with the naturally occurring frustrations associated with trading, whether it’s more advisable to play it safe or to play aggressively, a secret for knowing “when you have arrived” and are becoming a successful trader, and they discuss whether you’re still a trader if you’ve automated your system.

These tidbits and more can be heard in Episode 39 of The Traders Podcast. Give us a listen!

Scott Welsh’s Web site: Bossilator.com

Jennifer Thornburg’s Web site: Jennifer.bz

Jennifer’s Twitter: @JenTho3

Episode 38: Finding the Dominant Psychology of the Market

In Episode 38, Rob Booker talks with co-hosts Raghee Horner and Jennifer Thornburg about how to get a big-picture view of the Dominant Psychology of the Market. Rob asks these ladies what it means to do a five-minute analysis of a financial instrument, and how it plays a part in their decision-making process about trading. Rob also asks if, in the world of stocks, since a financial instrument can move down faster than it goes up, do currencies move down faster than they move up. And The Traders Podcast hosts spend some time talking about Apple and its future. Don’t miss it!

Raghee’s Web site: RagheeHorner.com

Jennifer’s Web site: Jennifer.bz

Episode 37: Little Willie and the Price of Gas

Rob Booker is joined by co-hosts Raghee Horner and Jennifer Thornburg. This show begins with a discussion of the price of gasoline and how it rises quickly but doesn’t seem to fall quickly. Also, Rob introduces a new segment of cautionary tales called “Dumb Stuff That Rob Does.” Raghee gives some highlights that she taught her attendees at a recent Webinar. And Raghee and Jennifer talk about which trading sessions they enjoy the most, as well as the importance of determining the time of day that you’ll be most successful trading. Join us!

Jennifer on Twitter: @JenTho3

Find Raghee’s book here:

Episode 36: Ultimate Economic Fighting Championship

In this second part of two great episodes, your host, Rob Booker, places his co-host, Raghee Horner, in a rapid-fire inquisition that he calls “The Octagon” with Kathy Lien, a director of currency research at GFT and the author of “Day Trading & Swing Trading the Currency Market.” Rob also asks Kathy about the beginning of her career, starting with her early graduation from college to her very first job with J.P. Morgan. Kathy talks about the nature of her work on the FX desk, how she trades “a technical setup with a fundamental kick,” and how she works in a trading partnership with currency strategist Boris Schlossberg. Tune in!

You can find Kathy Lien here: BKForexAdvisors.com

Episode 35: Kathy Lien and Double Bollinger Bands

In this first part of two technical episodes, Rob Booker and co-host, Raghee Horner, speak with Kathy Lien, a director of currency research at GFT and the author of “The Little Book of Currency Trading.” Kathy Lien is also famous for her use of the Double Bollinger Bands.

Rob asks Kathy where her inspiration for using Double Bollinger Bands came from, how often these produce trades, what people are talking about when they speak of “yields” on television, and whether the long-term perspective of the forecasting she’s asked to give on TV ever intrudes upon her short-term trades of the present day. Kathy also explains her settings for the Double Bollinger Bands and their various uses. Don’t miss it!

You can find Kathy Lien here: BKForexAdvisors.com

Also, make sure you haven’t missed the BONUS episode we released last Friday!

BONUS: An Amazing Revelation About the Euro-Swiss Franc

In this 34-minute, blockbuster bonus episode, Rob Booker has another telephone interview with David Rodriguez, a quantitative strategist who publishes his analysis at Daily FX.com. They talk about the crowd and sentiment, trading against the crowd, trading with the crowd, and an exceptional occurrence with the Euro-Swiss Franc.

Rob also asks David some questions about being on the inside, from the broker’s perspective, as well as asking David to describe how he spends his time during the day between analysis and writing. Rob and David also continue their conversation from Episode 30, delving deeper into FXCM’s Speculative Sentiment Index (SSI), discussing what the SSI tells us about retail traders and their style of trading.

Hear all of this — and so much more — in this special, Friday morning bonus episode of The Traders Podcast.

Follow David on Twitter here.