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Episode 53: The Greek Financial Crisis

It’s the episode you’ve been waiting for… Your Traders Podcast host, Rob Booker, gives you an in-depth analysis of the Greek Financial Crisis. Rob springboards into this podcast by using a couple of audio clips of James Altucher, an American hedge fund manager, author, and blogger, who describes how he thinks Greece and Europe are related, and the humorous concept of “the Greek contagion.”

Rob also discusses whether there is enough exposure to the U.S. banking system for Greece to matter. He gives you his take on the long-term and short-term plays on this Greece news, and to what degree it’s a potential problem. And Rob talks about how the perception of the market is always more important than the reality.

And naturally, as one might expect, we close out this episode by giving you the best weapon for surviving during a zombie apocalypse. Thanks for listening!

Learn more from James Altucher: James Altucher.com

Episode 52: What Mad Men’s Don Draper Can Teach Us About Trading

For all the fans of AMC’s “Mad Men” television show, Rob Booker and his producer, Jason Pyles, draw some parallels between the way traders think about the market and the way the lead character in “Mad Men,” Don Draper, thinks about himself (while also comparing the incompatible double-life of Draper and some traders).

Rob also discusses how we often seek to keep certain things about our trading private, and why it’s problematic to have a trading strategy that you don’t want to share with others. Check this one out!

Note: This episode contains some spoilers for “Mad Men,” Season 3.

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What’s coming in Episode 53: The Greek Financial Crisis — a must-listen! Tune in on Monday, June 11, at 8 a.m. EST.

Episode 51: The Most Interesting Trade in the World of Finance Right Now

Rob Booker talks to Neal Gilbert, the educational specialist at GFT Markets and FX360, about the Euro/Swiss Franc, which is perhaps the most interesting trade in the world of finance right now. They discuss the very unusual situation that’s occuring with the Euro/Swiss, and the problematic nature of having to spend $21.50 of U.S. currency to buy a Big Mac in Switzerland. Rob and Neal also talk about why the Swiss National Bank periodically intervenes in the currency markets by buying Euros and selling off Swiss Francs. And they wrap up their discussion by talking about the temptations of changing your trading plan, moving your stop-loss and staying in a losing trade. Join us!

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Episode 50: Risk, Leverage, Trading and Seinfeld

Halfway to 100, Rob Booker ushers in Episode 50 by talking to Neal Gilbert, the educational specialist at GFT Markets and FX360. Rob asks Neal about his connections where various scenarios from the TV sitcom, “Seinfeld,” have some metaphorical parallels with currency trading. (See the links for these articles below.)

Rob and Neal also discuss risk management, leverage, DealBook 360 and how Neal copes with disappointment while trading. Neal even talks about his unconventional strategy of trading in advance of an economic release. You don’t want to miss this first part of two great episodes with Neal Gilbert.

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Below are the links to Neal Gilbert’s five-part series of articles titled, “Everything I Ever Needed to Know About Trading, I Learned From Watching Seinfeld.”

Part I

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Episode 49: Fair Value, Facebook and the Euro-Swiss

Continuing on the hot topic of Facebook, Rob Booker speaks with “The Coach,” Scott Welsh, about trading back to fair value and comparing Facebook’s IPO and the Euro-Swiss currency pair. They discuss whether it’s too early to judge what fair value is for Facebook, and whether one can accurately assess fair value from a chart. Rob and Scott also take a look at Abercrombie & Fitch, Apple and J.P. Morgan to help illustrate their discussion. Rob also compares Apple’s and Facebook’s price-to-earnings ratios. Fun stuff. Please subscribe and join us!

To find out more about how Scott Welsh trades back to fair value: Bossilator.com

Episode 48: The Problem With Facebook

Tune in to hear Rob Booker analyze the world’s most interesting and controversial IPO, Facebook. In this episode you’ll hear Rob describe the problem with Facebook, as he sees it, explaining the significant decline of the stock that everyone thought was going to be the answer to this year’s financial troubles. Rob also discusses Facebook’s actual value, how it could be more profitable, and he makes comparisons between Facebook and Google and other business models, such as LinkedIn, Netflix and Groupon. Friend us, like us and listen!

Episode 47: Rob Answers Listener Questions

In this episode, Rob dips into the “mail bag” to answer some listener questions. He addresses the following queries: How long is it going to take me to be able to trade for a living? Where do you think the EUR/USD will go? Do you think the Eurozone will break up? Where do you think Apple’s stock will go in the next two to three years? JP Morgan and JC Penney, Chesapeake Energy, Best Buy, and Green Mountain Coffee have all faced charges of criminal activity or significant losses recently. Are we headed for a major correction in the markets? What kind of computer do you use? Do you trade from the beach? Join us, you’ll have fun!

By the way, if you’d like to send Rob a question, please e-mail your query to producer@traderspodcast.com.

Episode 46: Making Your Strategy Automatable and Singapore

In this episode, Rob Booker interviews “Mr. Automatable,” James Chen, who educates traders and is the director of technical analysis at FXDD in New York City — one of the premier MetaTrader shops.

Rob talks to James about how he got started in trading and how he got his current position; they discuss the other markets that James watches — in addition to forex. Rob asks James about his move from discretionary trading to non-discretionary trading, and how he gravitated toward an automated set of rules. They discuss the possibility of fully automating a trading strategy and whether James prefers longer term or shorter term trading.

As an analyst and an educator, James travels all over the world, so Rob asks him about the places he’s been in the last few months, and they discuss the wonderland that is Singapore. Robs asks where James finds the most growth right now in forex trading, Asian traders versus U.S. traders, and we hear James’s advice for someone who is looking to trade forex for the first time. Tune in!

FXDD: http://forex.fxdd.com/

Episode 45: Enduring Draw-Down and the Infinite Time Horizon on Success

An expert in automated back-testing, Chris Davison joins us from the UK to give more advice on how to lose money and to discuss the two elements of draw-down: namely, how your system copes with draw-down and how you personally deal with draw-down.

Rob and Chris clarify the difference between risking 1% per trade versus risking 2% per trade, and they give advice on how to get to the point where you don’t worry when you’ve hit a losing streak. Rob brings us another “Dumb Things That Rob Does” segment, and Chris reveals some interesting findings that have occurred during the Wallabot Millionaire experiment.

There’s talk about how to give yourself “an infinite time horizon on success,” differentiating between investing and gambling, and Chris names the reason why he thinks most people lose money trading — and more. Please join us!

Chris Davison’s blog, where he monitors the performance of several automated systems: Chasing Pips

Understanding Draw-Down:

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Episode 44: Money Never Sleeps

In this fourth part of four episodes on movies about trading, Rob Booker and Jason Pyles focus their discussion around the trading movie of all trading movies, Oliver Stone’s 1987 classic, “Wall Street.”

With this backdrop, Rob and Jason talk about the temptations and pitfalls of insider trading, the meaning behind “greed is good,” how you know if you’ve got what it takes to be a trader, what sacrifices being the best at trading for a living will require, the price of making a million dollars and why it’s not difficult to make money (if you’re willing).

Jason’s show about how to write songs: The Songwriting Podcast

Jason’s show about horror movies: Horror Movie Podcast