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The Trader’s Podcast Wants To Hear From You!

As Episode 100 approaches, Rob and Jason invite the listeners to prepare to join in on that celebration by participating directly in that show. Read the details below to find out how you can be a part of Episode 100!

Celebrate our 100th episode with us by calling (801) 382-8789 and leaving us a voicemail with the following information:

— Your name
— Where you’re calling from

— How long you’ve been listening to The Traders Podcast
— How or where do you listen to our podcast
— What is your favorite episode? What have you liked or hated about any of our 98 podcasts

— How long you’ve been trading
— What you trade
— What kind of technical setup you use for your trading

— Finally, leave us a question or a comment

Once again, call and leave us a voicemail at (801) 382-8789

Rob’s favorite episode: Episode 66

Jason’s favorite episode: Episode 86