BONUS: An Amazing Revelation About the Euro-Swiss Franc

In this 34-minute, blockbuster bonus episode, Rob Booker has another telephone interview with David Rodriguez, a quantitative strategist who publishes his analysis at Daily They talk about the crowd and sentiment, trading against the crowd, trading with the crowd, and an exceptional occurrence with the Euro-Swiss Franc.

Rob also asks David some questions about being on the inside, from the broker’s perspective, as well as asking David to describe how he spends his time during the day between analysis and writing. Rob and David also continue their conversation from Episode 30, delving deeper into FXCM’s Speculative Sentiment Index (SSI), discussing what the SSI tells us about retail traders and their style of trading.

Hear all of this — and so much more — in this special, Friday morning bonus episode of The Traders Podcast.

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3 comments on BONUS: An Amazing Revelation About the Euro-Swiss Franc

  1. Adrian Rose says:

    Interesting insight. Yesterday the plot started to thicken.
    It got me thinking, but I’m back in.

  2. Great fun. Thanks again Rob for the opportunity.

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