591: Stop Lying to Yourself

Is it more difficult to manage yourself or others? If we’re honest with ourselves, for just a moment, we might realize that we often lie to ourselves. We tend to let ourselves off the hook, rationalize, and give ourselves a pass. It’s not a matter of being “too hard on yourself,” it’s actually a matter of simply being truthful. Trading can somehow bring out the liar in us all, if we’re not careful…

If you’re managing other people, then it’s obvious if they are not producing the required output for the job. But it’s much more difficult to hold our own feet to the fire. In Episode 591 of The Traders Podcast, your hosts Rob Booker and the producer Jason Pyles explore this phenomenon and encourage traders to stop lying to themselves. If you want to be a more profitable trader, it’s time to stop lying to yourself. Listen to learn more!

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One comment on “591: Stop Lying to Yourself

  1. Ulrich says:

    Great episode, I think not lying to ourself can be pretty challenging sometimes.

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