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Ep 664: Market Meltdown

The market melted down. Then it melted back up. What gives? What can you do in a time like this?

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Ep 658: What’s Been Going On

Rob is talking to you today from Austin, Texas and he’s with Markus from Rockwell Trading. Welcome to Episode 658 of the Traders Podcast. Most of what Rob Booker offers will always be free. Rob’s YouTube Channel has great free content for traders who want to learn. Want to meet Rob this year? You can!...

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Ep 657: The Carry Trade

Welcome to The Traders Podcast with your host Rob Booker. Today Rob is bringing you Episode 657 where he discusses the Carry Trade. Want to meet Rob this year? You can! He’ll be traveling around to meet you. He’s planning some quick events in Houston, NYC, Phoenix, Mexico City, Madrid, London, Toronto and Sydney, so...

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Behind The Mic

Rob Booker

I am the host of The Trader’s Podcast and author of Adventures of a Currency Trader.

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