Ep. 638: Looking to the Future Like Elon Musk

Welcome to the Traders Podcast Episode 638! Today your host Rob Booker indulges a current event question from Jason about Elon Musk’s recent investigation-stirring tweet.

This guy lives in the future. For traders it begs the question, “What kind of trader would a future-dweller be?”

A trader oriented in the future who is sitting on a lot of losing trades will be motivated to do something about it: close positions, hedge positions, etc.

A trader in the “now” will vacillate between worry and acceptance.

A trader living in the past will be replaying the movie of his past in his head.

Remember that Murphey’s law doesn’t state that whatever that is bad that could happen will happen; it just states that whatever can happen will happen.

Could you start and end every day with a bet about chaos? Could you benefit from that? Rob’s not sure yet, but he knows that things don’t stay where they are. There will be shocks to the system. Ask yourself, “what trade could I take that would benefit from an implosion of the status quo?”

Listen in for a great conversation that also circles around to The HBO hit Succession, Bitcoin and the upcoming Traders Rap! Thanks for tuning in!

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