Episode 315: A Chat With Eddie Z of EZ Trading Computers

by robbooker on December 15, 2014


During Episode 315 of The Traders Podcast, your host Rob Booker answers an e-mail from Evan from London about his trading journey thus far. Then later in this episode, Rob chats with the great Eddie Z from EZ Trading Computers, where you can get sound advice about buying a trading computer from Eddie’s free buyer’s guide: How to Buy a Trading Computer. And as mentioned in this episode, EZ Trading Computers has a special holiday promotion sale going on now!

Rob asks Eddie to describe the craziest computer he’s ever built. And then Rob asks what are the basic requirements for a good computer setup that a new trader would need. Then Rob talks to Eddie about his Wall Street career during the Tech Boom, and Eddie shares some interesting tidbits. It’s a good one! Don’t miss Episode 315!

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