Episode 275: Trader Tech Mailbag

by robbooker on July 28, 2014


Episode 275 of The Traders Podcast is an epically long geek show for anyone who’s bananas about trading technology. This is a special mailbag episode where we read through the hi-tech setups of a few of our listeners.

Your host Rob Booker and the producer Jason Pyles begin with a short movie moment, where Rob and Jason talk about some of the latest cinematic offerings, such as “Lucy,” “Dom Hemingway” and “Snowpiercer.” Next Rob talks about progression and growth as traders, and how often we should change and adopt new systems in the name of progress.

Then we move on to the Main Event, where we discuss e-mails and comments that describe the technical setup of the following listeners: Dr. Valenzuela; Corporal Forex; Ryan, the Lover of Technology; Dave; Allie; RichardHK; Brian F.; Derek in the UK; and John in “miserable Melbourne.” Oh, and there’s also a little after-show content, where Rob makes fun of Jason’s cell phone. Don’t miss it — we had a great time!

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